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“What really counts in love and marriage”

Zara Chowdhary and her filmmaker husband Vishal Punjabi on their Platinum Day Of Love

We had been having a very rough time in the days leading up to our wedding. Budgets were going out of hand, tempers were running high, chaos surrounded every decision and planning the wedding was quickly becoming my worst nightmare. Vishal and I ended up fighting a lot over the details to a point where I almost wondered why I was even getting married? We hadn’t seen each other in 15 days, the longest since we had started dating. And now I was stressed beyond caring anymore about how the wedding went.

I arrived at the farmhouse for our Sangeet wanting to actually run away from it all. As I got out of the car I knew Vishal was standing up ahead with my mom, but I was refusing to look at him. He came to me, took my hand and just told my mom, “Aunty, your daughter looks beautiful.” I still didn’t talk. He took me to a quiet corner in the hall and I finally saw his face now. He looked tired too… perhaps much more than me. But there was such joy and love on his face now seeing me after 2 weeks. He just hugged me tight and kissed me not caring that our families were looking for the bride and groom outside. I knew then, that all the chaos of the days were behind us; and those that lay ahead can never take away this one moment of just seeing someone’s face and the feeling like you’ve come home.

Even today after a hard day or a silly fight, its the moment when we simply hold each other in silence that we realize the depth of what really counts in love and marriage: The fact that we are together.

Zara and Vishal on their Wedding Day. The talented couple with their baby Sufi

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