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What women want

Ask a woman what she enjoys the most– and 9 out of 10 times the answer will be ‘getting ready’. Put a group of women together and the topic will invariably move to clothes, makeup and jewellery!
India has always been a country obsessed with jewellery– especially Gold. Families invest a lifetime worth of savings in jewellery and it’s no wonder that India has been one of the highest Gold consuming nations. However, this has been changing with increased exposure. More than ever women now want white jewellery- diamonds and platinum. As more women are joining the work force, travelling more or simply getting exposed to global trends, they are choosing jewellery that represents who they are and their lifestyle. While jewellery continues to be a representation of status it has become an integral way of reflecting your personality, and not merely an investment.

Women are choosing platinum for a variety of reasons– it’s rare, sophisticated, classy and precious. Right from everyday jewellery, to wedding bands to bridal jewellery, Platinum is becoming the choice for women who want their jewellery to reflect their personal style. As more celebrities are taking to platinum it has also become more aspirational.

For all the men who are looking at gifting options for their woman, always remember that there is no better gift than jewellery. However women have a very individualistic appreciation of jewellery and it would be best to ask for preferences before you take the final dive.

Some things to remember while gifting jewellery
– Platinum and diamonds are the best reflection of something that is rare, precious and eternal
– If it’s a wedding band or an engagement ring, ensure you get the right size.
– What jewellery does your woman prefer
– is it a chain, a ring or earrings?
– Most importantly – always try and find out her likes and dislikes and then surprise her!

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