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When Fashion Meets Wedding

Lucky Malhotra, the Bangalore-based Photographer considers himself ‘Lucky’ that he can pursue both Fashion and Wedding Photography. Obviously, Fashion and Wedding Photography are very different, though today’s brides seek ‘fashion’ inspired shoots. And this is something Lucky looks forward to— capturing the bride’s getting ready moments before the real moments at the wedding.

Here, Lucky talks about his experience of photographing the bride in a setting very different from photographing a model.

“A fashion shoot at a real wedding can be a little nerve wrecking, what with the limited time on hand. For the bride and groom it’s an emotional feeling. They find themselves in the midst of so many things happening around them that it can get overwhelming. This makes it a little harder to get good shots but in my experience, once the bride sees a beautiful picture of herself, she is at ease for a while– and that’s when I have to act fast! And I think I manage well because of my experience in shooting fashion editorials. Fashion shoots are sometimes similar as they too have me clicking away in a limited time frame, especially if the model is a celebrity.

When at a wedding shoot, I try to lighten the tension with my sense of humor, so the bride feels more comfortable and less nervous. I compliment and encourage her by giving her a sneak peek of the pictures. I avoid showing her more than a few and if she insists, I tell her that the rest of the images are a surprise! The most important thing I tell brides is to trust me because that’s when I can give it my 200 percent. When I’m shooting at a wedding, I usually end up taking many more pictures than required and later struggle to choose the final images because there will be a sea of good pictures to select from.

I don’t believe in having too many people around while shooting and the less interference there is the better (sometimes however suggestions are welcome, but definitely not an overdose). So if the bride or groom is conscious I even politely ask other people to leave the room.

If may come as a surprise to many, but I am usually always nervous before any wedding shoot (or for that matter any shoot). Not because of work pressures, but because of the drive to give it my best, and to do everything possible to give the bride and groom the most precious memories of their special day.”

Photos Courtesy
Makeup by – Yani Shrivastava (Bangalore)
Location- Sheraton, Bangalore.
Decor- Purple Rings (Neethi & Sowmya)

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