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Yashvardhan and Akansha’s mystical Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Mumbai

Cinematographer Ram Bherwani intertwines passion with a vintage ‘English’ vibe in this dreamy pre-wedding video shot in Mumbai

There’s no sweeter, more tender way to capture romance on the verge of commitment than with a pre-wedding film full of candid moments and subtle chemistry. But when your photographer and cinematographer decide to push the envelope and create an aesthetically shot drama, you’re in for a treat!

Cinematographer Ram Bherwani delighted Akansha and Yash with a beautiful prelude to their much-awaited wedding. He says, “The idea for the video was conceptualized by us. The couple trusted us and left it entirely on my team to showcase their romance in the most artistic way possible.”

The film is like a time machine back to the Victorian era – flashbacks and montages tell a tale of the bride’s memories of her stylish, ‘English’ romance while a beautifully decorated horse carriage and authentic period costumes add to the entire homage. Ram Bherwani explains, “I wanted to create a flashback story, memory reproduced through fashion and drama that would act as a visual treat to the viewers.”

The film was shot in one day but the pre and post-production took much longer. The team took a couple of months just to fine tune the concept and then some more time to search costumes to create authenticity of the era. But the director is very happy with the outcome, “Set in the Victorian era, it took us time to finalize the costumes, but I must confess, my team did a fabulous job!”

The film’s gorgeous visuals are only further enhanced by an engaging soundtrack. Ram says there’s no secret to creating the perfect pre-wedding film for you, “The most important thing is that the couple has clarity about their ideas. Then it is easy for us to execute. And if they don’t have clear ideas, then they should trust the cinematographer to give wings to their story.”

Videography: Ram Bherwani Productions

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