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Young and Inspiring – Photographer Anand Rathi, Founder of Reels and Frames

Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ showcases fresh, exciting new talent powerhouses from the design, fashion and event domains who specialize in creating dream weddings for couples with stars in their eyes. Meet Photographer Anand Rathi, founder of Reels and Frames which offers a complete suite of services for wedding photography, including 360-degree virtual reality videos, GIF photo booths, and super slow motion cinematography.

Photographer Anand Rathi

1. Tell us a bit about your journey? What inspired you to get into Wedding photography?
Here is my one-long-line resume – I am an engineer, stock market trader, quantitative math teacher, an MBA from the US, portfolio risk manager, treasurer of an energy company – and now, photographer. That pretty much sums up how unplanned my foray into photography was. I’ve always enjoyed travel. During my MBA days, I picked up photography to capture the beautiful colors of New York and instantly found a medium that helped me share my travel images and stories with the world. I haven’t looked back since.

2. What is your style/ approach of photography?
I started as a travel and landscape photographer. For me, a portrait is incomplete if it doesn’t define the mood of what was happening around when it was clicked. I believe the technical term is ‘environmental portraits’ but I just call them ‘pictures that tell stories’. Simple, yet effective.

3. What are the hottest trends in wedding and pre-wedding photography this season?
Let me start with pre-wedding photography which has crossed all boundaries in the recent years – quite literally. We’ve been flooded with requests for couple shoots at exotic international locations, and have already shot in places like New York and Venice to name a few. Pre-wedding shoots have also gone high tech, and innovations such as time-freeze, hyper lapses and aerial shots are becoming popular. As for wedding photography and film, virtual reality is the latest technology that has found its way into this arena. We recently released India’s first 360-degree ultra HD destination wedding film and the response has been mind-blowing. Another trend on a rise is reception day/same day edit videos which is a teaser of the wedding film edited in less than two hours and is presented right at the reception. While we have been doing same day edits for a while now, this year we have seen the maximum requests for the same.

4. What is the most unusual request that you have ever had?
It’s generally the opposite at our end as we are the ones who end up making unusual requests from clients. We are trying for a scuba-shoot (where we shoot in the deep sea), an all aerial shoot in the Maldives and a live wedding edit (the photos of the wedding get published on Instagram with a delay of about an hour) … all in this season!

5. Do you have a favorite among the wedding photos and films you have captured? Is there any one specific wedding album you hold close to your heart and why?
It’s difficult to specify one such shot or scene, but I do love this wedding film we shot last year. It is a roller coaster ride in terms of emotions and something that will leave the viewer with tears in their eyes, and a smile on their faces by the end of it. It’s called ‘Will Marry Marry Me?’ Photo favorites are even harder to choose but I’d say a couple from Venice that we shot recently is presently close to my heart.

6. What’s your advice to couples searching for their dream photographer? Any other tips for them?
I’ll share this from the point of someone who is already married and had good photography at his wedding. Think of the photographic process at a wedding as a journey rather than an item to check off the list. It’s not just the photos but the experience of getting them taken and interacting with your photographer that will make the memories last a lifetime. Happy moods make for happy pictures. Get to know your photographer(s) before your wedding, open up to them, have a drink together! That will make the photoshoot process so much more enjoyable for both sides.

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