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To Boudoir, or not to Boudoir

If you’re hearing about boudoir photography for the first time, you’re not alone. The genre– tasteful, sexy, personal, racy, personality driven – has always existed in the professional worlds of modeling and art. However, it is now being looked at as an optional addition to pre-wedding photoshoots and its rising popularity with Indian brides-to-be is fairly new.

WeddingSutra spoke to leading female photographers in the industry to find out exactly what to expect and the how-to of Boudoir Photography so you can decide if it’s for you.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir
To Boudoir or not to Boudoir
To Boudoir or not to Boudoir

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir Once upon a time wedding tales
Photographer: Komal

This is a trend that is getting more and more popular with every wedding season. Yet, it’s also a photography style that is barely talked about compared to other styles. A bride-to-be opting for a boudoir photoshoot should be ready to express her sensual emotions and enjoy the moment. Picking the style of clothing is also important in heightening the sensual quotient of the pictures. All in all, she should be accepting of the form and let her emotions shine through for stunning results.


Happy Flashbacks
Photographer: Noopur

‘To Boudoir or Not To Boudoir’ is a very personal choice. However, as filmers and photographers, it is always a delight shooting subjects when they shed their inhibitions and feel free in front of the camera. Brides-to-be, who don’t mind embracing this form of photography should definitely consider it since the photographs will stun you with the way they blend confidence with vulnerability.

My advice for those opting for a boudoir photoshoot is simple- if you want to go for it, you do need to feel absolutely comfortable with your photographer and confident about yourself, but more importantly, you must enjoy the process in order to create photographs that will dazzle you and your partner.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir


To Boudoir or not to Boudoir The Creative Lens
Photographer: Shweta

While Boudoir Photography is a style that is catching up significantly, it isn’t something that you should jump into just to keep up with the latest fad. The way to follow the latest trend is to keep an eye on all that’s happening around you but don’t imitate, instead, internalize. Learn to love your body and let what makes you most comfortable be the force that composes and directs your frames. It is important that you are at ease with the very idea of this shoot and are willing to celebrate your beauty.

My advice to any woman who is planning a Boudoir shoot is to love herself the way she is and select the outfits as per her personal style and comfort level. Lastly, don’t be too critical of yourself and instead embrace your sensuality.


Photographer: Ankita

To Boudoir – of course! Your wedding is the time to explore your intimate, romantic side and as a young, confident woman, this is the perfect time to get yourself photographed just the way you like. Moreover, trying something new is never a bad idea. This may or may not turn out to be the shoot of your dreams but if you never try, you’ll never know.

Just be extremely careful while selecting your photographer. You need to be able to relax in the presence of this person. I would recommend women photographers, especially someone you can truly be yourself with when in front of the camera. Doing a solo session or one with your partner is, of course, your choice but make sure to keep it classy. Boudoir photography always runs the risk of being risqué. It’s a fine line and by careful planning that can be avoided. Discuss styles and outfits in detail and also exchange references. You can always request your photographer to keep these photographs private.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir


To Boudoir or not to Boudoir Cupcake Productions
Photographer: Shruti

If you’re looking for the coolest trend in the photography industry and reading this article, I’d say you’re on the right path. Boudoir Photography is becoming massively popular and many women are hopping onto the bandwagon. This sexy photography style has become a fashionable wedding day gift from a bride to a groom.

We’re absolutely in favor of this new fad. It’s an amazing way to surprise your man. Gift him an album of your photographs and we’re sure he’ll love the effort that you’ve put into it. Needless to say, it’s a sure-fire way to ensure that you’re always on his mind!

The one piece of advice I would like to extend to women opting for this bold style of photography is – be comfortable and choose outfits that make you feel sexy from within. Our top picks would be a corset for enhancing your curves, a pair of heels for some edge and your engagement ring for intimacy.


The Storyteller
Photographer: Natasha

Boudoir photography, especially in India, is quite niche and comprises a rather small segment of the photography industry. Considering the social stigmas present in our country, not too many brides openly speak about wanting to do a boudoir shoot, except with their close friends. Being intimate in nature, these photographs are usually quite personal and rarely shared online.

When signing up for a shoot, select a photographer whom you are comfortable around and with whom you share a good rapport. Also, make sure you select someone who is able to pull off the shoot in a tasteful and elegant manner. Lastly, ask your photographer to share images of boudoir shoots they may have done in the past, not only for inspiration, but also so that you get an idea about his/her personal style of photography.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir


To Boudoir or not to Boudoir Shreya Sen Photography
Photographer: Shreya Sen

A boudoir session is a celebration of one’s beauty. While it is often a gift to your partner before the wedding, it should also be seen a treat for yourself. The thing to keep in mind is that the experience of the shoot for the client is extremely important; sometimes more than the images themselves, since with the right photographer, a boudoir session becomes almost therapeutic. Beautiful styling, professional makeup, bright natural light, a clean aesthetic and clear communication skills for posing is what I believe are the technical musts of a beautiful boudoir shoot.

Unlike the common misconception about boudoir photography, the size of those being shot hardly matters. It about creating images that are sensual and classy and the session should leave you feeling confident, beautiful and sexy. Since it is an extremely intimate session that requires women to have their guard down, it is important for her to find a photographer who she is most comfortable with. Personally, I don’t think that the gender of the photographer matters all that much as long as they treat the session with grace and sensitivity. However, given that the Indian society is fairly conservative, women photographers often tend to have an upper hand. What is important though, is to discuss the privacy policy with your photographer before you book the session, especially if you are concerned about the pictures not being shared with anyone else but you two.


Happy Frames
Photographer: Deepanshi

Brides today want photographs that are meant for them to cherish with their partners. This season, in fact, we have received several inquiries for boudoir photo shoots and the trend is picking up significantly in the metros.

The art is beautiful when depicted via unique concepts and the most important thing for the photographer is to bring to the front emotions that are shut down when she is in the company of anyone other than her fiancé. While it is important for the pictures to be aesthetically pleasing, it is equally essential for her to be able to relate to the emotions, and expressions that she sees in the final results.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir


To Boudoir or not to Boudoir Ronicka Kandhari Photography
Photographer: Ronicka

Boudoir photography is quite a new concept in the Indian market but the response has been terrific. Brides today have certainly become more experimental. They enjoy their own beauty and are expressive about it, which makes boudoir more fun! Many brides-to-be seek out such an experience to gift their new grooms, as a special wedding present that isn’t available in stores!

Flirty and sensual, boudoir photography aims to capture the gorgeous woman inside us all while maintaining the comfort level in a private and professional setting; and no, you don’t have to have a supermodel body to feel and look fabulous! I feel that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way and if I can help her harness it through my photography, it’s a deeply satisfying moment for me. It’s absolutely possible for most of the women today to have a Boudoir session and it can be maneuvered according to one’s comfort zone.


Chetana Bhat Photography
Photographer: Chetana Bhat

This style of photography is very personal and something that should be completely in your comfort zone. But remember, it’s a deeply satisfying experience to be shot in this way because it is unquestionably empowering. While there is no denying that this makes for a great surprise for your partner, it’s a gift not just for him but even for yourself.

Boudoir photography is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s not about reinventing yourself but knowing you’re perfect the way you are. There are no strict rules when shooting Boudoir. All that you really need to keep in mind is that you must be extremely comfortable with the photographer. For those opting for a shoot such as this, I recommend they familiarize themselves with the photographer by learning about their photographic style and most importantly, have a consultation session prior to the day of the shoot in order to establish a good rapport and enable him/ her to capture the best of you.

To Boudoir or not to Boudoir

Moreover, boudoir photography can make for a fabulous gift for a hubby, but more than that it is a wonderful confidence-boosting experience for the woman. After all, this is sensuous, intimate photo shoot that a woman can get done to celebrate her unique beauty, style and personality.

If you are looking for a talented photographer for your pre-wedding or wedding photography, check out WeddingSutra Favorites.

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