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Bridal Style Spotting with Stylist Manisha Kundnani

For brides who are confused with the plethora of fashion choices available for their weddings, bridal wardrobe consultant Manisha Kundnani of Brideloom is here to help. She found her calling at a young age and has made a name for herself thanks to her passion, professionalism and innate sense of style and trends.

Here, she shares her journey and important tips that brides should keep in mind when putting together their looks for different wedding functions.

Bridal Stylist Manish Kundnani

What has your journey as a stylist been like?

“My journey as a stylist was full of surprises! I was only in middle school when I developed a keen interest in couture. I’d already gathered some knowledge about fabric, embroidery, and craftsmanship which helped me kickstart my journey.

The first bride I ever styled was my cousin Nishaa Tolani. She lives in Singapore, so the responsibility of picking her bridal trousseau fell on me as I was in Mumbai. I was on the ball with trends and every Indian designer’s latest collection which was an advantage. Nishaa trusted me wholly, and I promoted myself on wedding portals with her trousseau as the start of my portfolio. Enquiries came pouring in, and I began catering to this niche.

My experience with every bride is unique. I try connecting with different personalities to help them realize their vision of themselves as brides should be deeply satisfied. Helping them curate looks for an occasion that is as momentous as their wedding is both challenging and exciting. Working with these lovely to-be-weds, I feel like I have found something I love.”

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani
Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

What have been your favorite fashion trends so far?

“There are two trends that I absolutely love when it comes to bridal fashion. The first one is fusion outfits for Mehndi ceremonies and an ivory story for the Wedding day. The atmosphere at a mehndi is always is cheery and relaxed. It’s the perfect chance to experiment with quirky colors and silhouettes and set your trend. The whole idea is to balance fun and elegance while ensuring you’re comfortable.

At the wedding, it’s a little more formal, and outfits in ivory are what I’m currently obsessing over! The color is graceful, radiates positivity, and there is so much versatility. You can keep it understated with tone-on-tone embroidery or add some color to the mix, even if just through your bridal jewelry – everything is possible. Minakari, colored stones, uncut, jadau, diamonds, and gold all go with this universal shade.

And for the brides who love bling – ivory helps in making those sparkling baubles stand out.”

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani
Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani
Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

What are some of your biggest learnings as a bridal stylist?

“Understanding your client’s tastes is the key factor that lets you create a look that resonates with them. Being a bridal stylist teaches you how to be a good listener. You must be open to other person’s opinions. Your goal is to give a bride a look that takes into account her likes and dislikes. It’s her special day!

What I’ve also learned is how to gently discourage brides from buying outfits that are over the top. These ensembles make them look starkly different from who they really are, and they can’t even be reused since they are so heavy. Spending that much money on something that you will never be able to wear ever again is such a waste!”

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

Which color is making waves this wedding season? What’s your take on it?

“Ice blue is the trendsetting color of the season. It is the new midnight blue. It is such a refreshing hue and looks great against all skin tones. Plus, it adds a sense of brilliance to your look. It works well for just about every wedding function – whether a day event like a mehndi or a welcome brunch or even an evening event such as a sangeet or a reception.

Ice blue is also a no-fuss shade when it comes to the embroidery palettes. The color goes with silver, rose gold, gold, gunmetal and even dull gold embroidery! I have dressed two brides in ice blue so far. One wore a Gaurav Gupta creation for her reception. The other chose a Manish Malhotra outfit for her sangeet.”

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

How do you bring out a bride’s personality in her wedding day looks?

“One of the biggest factors to keep in mind when matching the outfit to the bride’s personality is its color. Every color on the spectrum exudes a distinctive vibe, and it is essential that this matches the bride’s general demeanor for her to be able to pull off the outfit like it was made for her. Another thing to keep in mind is how big she is about her ornaments. If she is going all out with her jewellery, it’s best to soften the bridal outfit and vice versa.

As for the wedding day – often girls want to go for a red lehenga because they feel like it is the only day they would choose to wear such a striking color. In this case, playing with patterns and silhouettes is key. Lastly, hair and makeup also are also very important in creating a custom look, so brides should not forget to take that into consideration when finalizing their clothes.”

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani
Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

Do you have tips and tricks that brides can use to enhance their wedding looks?

1. Create a balance between your jewellery and your outfit. Going too heavy on both, in most cases, will give you a look that will consume you.

2. Let there be some gap between your blouse and your necklace. This helps to enhance the neckline.

3. Go easy on the makeup especially when it’s a day wedding and opt for hairstyles that don’t look over the top.

4. Remember, embroidery is not everything.

5. Before you start shopping, go for color and silhouette testing visits. Try on multiple outfits to check which color compliments you and which silhouette flatters your physique. This will make the process of selecting the clothes a lot easier.

Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani
Bridal Stylist Manisha Kundnani

Who is your favorite bride of all time?

“My favorite bride? There are so many! But if I were to pick my most recent favorite, it would have to be Samantha Prabhu. Although she is from the South where brides tend to go very heavy on gold, she managed to keep her look very fresh despite going with a traditional look.”

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