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A coffee date with the sweetest proposal

Anubha and Abhinav met each other while working in an automobile company and it wasn’t before long that they drove straight into each other’s hearts. When it was clear to them that marriage was the next step in this journey they were on, Abhinav shifted to a higher gear. In a video shot by The Photo World, they share their story.

How We Met
Every new employee at Toyota Kirloskar Motors attends the introduction session and that’s when Anubha and Abhinav met. Fresh out of college, Anubha was placed in Human Resources. Abhinav was an engineer in the technical division. Despite not working closely with each other, the two had fallen in love. It was all smooth sailing until Abhinav got an offer from Jaguar in the UK and moved.

Away from her, everything seemed to lack flavor. He says, “We both agree that a long distance relationship is really hard and yet, we have managed it for a year now.” But when even the daily video calls didn’t seem enough, he knew it was time to start planning a proposal.

The Proposal
Once Abhinav had decided how he wanted to pop the question, he got in touch with The Photo World. Together they created the most special evening for Anubha.

He elaborates, “I wanted a hidden camera so the entire moment could be captured perfectly.” In cahoots with the photographers, they devised a plan. But even the most meticulous details were in danger of failing when right at the beginning, to comic effect, Abhinav in his excitement sat on the wrong seat! He says, “I only realized that we were sitting in the wrong place when the waiter came to me and asked us to move to say that the table was reserved.”

He switched places and the conversation began to flow. When it was time, he excused himself so that the message that he had pre-recorded for Anubha could be projected on the screen. “I was right behind, peeking through the door and looking at the person who was going to make the announcement when the video was about the start. Standing back there I could feel the excitement. It almost felt like someone was going to propose to me,” he laughs.

After his recording had been played, he came out with a bouquet of flowers and a ring and went down on one knee to ask Anubha if she would marry him. “I had always planned my reaction. I knew he would propose to me someday but I didn’t know when. However, when he actually did I was so overwhelmed that I kept smiling! I didn’t know how else to react, I didn’t even say yes. I just kept looking at him till he asked ‘Is that a yes?’ to which I was like ‘Yes! Obviously!”

Summing up the day, a beaming Anubha said, “The whole experience was wonderful. I wasn’t expecting it at all!”

Photography: The Photo World

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