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Luminaire Dentals – A Day with WeddingSutra Favourites

‘A Day With WeddingSutra Favorites’ is all about WeddingSutra bringing its wedding planning enthusiasm and expertise to excited to-be weds. We customize a program for lucky WeddingSutra readers which include visiting a specially curated list of wedding service providers and specialists. This process has turned out to be invaluable for couples planning their wedding.

Gorgeous outfits and glittering jewels definitely amplify your bridal beauty, but the most beautiful thing a bride can wear is her smile. This edition was all about getting pearly whites for a dazzling smile ahead of your big day and to be photo-ready at your wedding. Brides-to-be Rachna, Yesha and Kavita share their experience of visiting Dr. Astha of Luminaire Dentals and the invaluable perspectives they gained for their wedding planning.

1. Pearly whites make for a beautiful smile
“The consultation with Dr. Astha was very informative. When it comes to wedding planning, we focus so much on looking perfect for our outfits, working out, investing in achieving the perfect skin, hair, nails, etc. We all want to look and feel perfect on the big day, and we put in so much effort to find the ideal photographer to ensure we look our very best. Dr. Astha’s insights made me realize that we need to pay attention to our teeth as well. She performed a detailed check-up and analysis, and advised me how to prep for that dazzling white smile.”

Luminaire Dentals -A day with WeddingSutra Favourites

2. Aftercare after whitening is critical
The consultation was a true revelation for bride-to-be Rachna. “After a detailed dental analysis, doctor suggested a few cleaning and whitening procedures prior to the wedding. More importantly, she advised me on the aftercare leading up to D-day, like avoiding eating or drinking any items that would stain my teeth, such as beetroot or carrot juice, which was a great tip.” These few simple pointers are easy to follow and perfect for maintaining your pearly whites for a photogenic smile.

Luminaire Dentals -A day with WeddingSutra Favourites

3. Be confident with a winning wedding-day smile
“My experience with Luminaire Dentals was extremely insightful. In the rush of my wedding planning, I had neglected paying attention to my dental situation and Dr. Astha caught a couple of issues just in the nick of time. You can imagine how nerve-wracking it can be for a to-be-bride, but the doctor’s knowledge and assurance won me over. Not only did she educate me in detail about all temporary and permanent solutions to my existing dental issues, she also advised me in great length about how to attain and maintain the perfect set of teeth for my big-day. Thanks to Luminaire Dentals, I came away from the experience with a new found confidence that I would look great at my wedding.”

Luminaire Dentals -A day with WeddingSutra Favourites

If you’re engaged and would like to spend ‘A Day with WeddingSutra Favorites,’ please email us at editor@weddingsutra.com in the format mentioned below.

Selected readers will be invited for this unique experience in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore.

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Location: Luminaire Dentals Clinic, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
Photos Courtesy: Dev Purbiya Photography

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