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Our Favorite “Love Without Borders” Moments of 2018

In the words of one of the greatest authors of her time, Maya Angelou “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope”; As said by one of the world’s most recognized leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, “The law of love knows no bounds of space and time”; And simply put by us millennials “Love is Love.”

A lot has been said about love, one of the strongest forces of nature, yet it has often been soiled by the color of one’s skin, crushed under the weight of societal norms, tamed by the teaching of religions and locked away to protect it from being raided of its very essence.

While there will always be a few elements who will preach otherwise, here are couples who showed us that love, in fact, is above all!

Love over Religion
Amit and Martin waited for eight years before breaking the news of their relationship to their loved one. What Amit had expected to be the worst day of his life turned out to be the best when his parents accepted him and his partner with open arms. The two turned their family’s religious difference into religious diversity as they began their married life after a wedding that included both, Hindu and Christian wedding ceremonies.

Love over Religion

Love over Age
Love made its way into Rhea and Sorabh’s lives when they were in their forties, only after their respective first marriages had failed. Therefore, they tied the knot through a wedding that was just as unique as their story and gave their guests a chance to open up conversations with their partners in order to make their bond stronger. As they stood up for their relationship, their dear ones stood up in their support and showered them with all the love they needed.

Love over Age

Love over Culture
It is ironic that a country that prides itself over its cultural diversity, love between individuals who belong to two different communities isn’t always easy and so was the case for Shraddha who is a Tamilian and Pravesh who is Telugu. Nonetheless, Shraddha and Pravesh fought to make things works and created their own love story that has both grand gestures and quiet romance.

Love over Race
While Chef Kelvin Cheung belongs to a family of Chinese origin who follow an old-school Chinese way of life, his wife Andrea Brown is American with an upbringing that is quite distinct from his. Kelvin and Andrea’s love, however, proves that all of this means nothing when you know that you have found your perfect match

Love over Gender
When Dharti and Shubh fell in love with each other they developed a deep connection with who they were as people, independent of whether they were male or female. After all, where there is love, there is no room for sexual bias. For them, this has been a journey of acceptance, affection, and happiness which is fuelled by their hopes and dreams of their future together.

Love over Gender

Another proud “Love without” Border moment that we as a nation witnessed this year was when the Supreme Court abolished Section 377 and made the law more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

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