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Raul’s Romantic Flashmob Proposal to Jessica at La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

He created quite a song and dance about his wedding proposal, and she could not believe the surprise that awaited her. See how Raul and Jessica got into the groove at Barcelona, Spain.

How we met
Raul shares, “I was born in Spain, and Jessica was born in the small country of Andorra. Our first contact was made through the former social network Hi5 about 10 years ago in a group named “SindhiSpain”. We became friends back then but lost the contact for few years. We then met each other for the first time in person at an event in 2010. She was even more beautiful and charming in person. We started talking every day and I felt a big connection with her. We could talk for hours and never get tired. I realized that I wanted her to be in my life forever, so one day I decided to ask her out in an original way. I was afraid and nervous that I’d not be able to say any words, so I printed the following message on a white T-shirt ‘ ‘Jessica, will you go out with me?’ and wore it under my jacket. When she saw the message, she had the happiest face I ever saw on her. I decided that I wanted that smile on her each day of our lives together. Through this time, Jessica has become my best friend. She has made me a better person and the luckiest man in the world.”

The Proposal
Jessica recalls, “I did not even have a small hint about what was going to happen. Raul told me we were going to have lunch with his sister. But when we arrived at the park next to the ‘Sagrada Familia’ in Barcelona, there were a few cameras filming some professional dancers. Raul wanted to go in between them and I was refusing, as I did not want to disturb their filming. I would never have guessed that all that was actually for me. Suddenly he ran to dance with them and about 25 more people came from behind. When I had a look at them, I realized that they were all our friends. They were dancing to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ song and I could not believe what was happening. I was in shock, happy and excited at the same time. After the dance our parents appeared, which was unbelievable for me. Raul knelt in front of everyone and asked me if I wanted to marry him. And my answer was undoubtedly ‘Yes, yes, and hundred times more yes.’ I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.”

WeddingSutra wishes Jessica and Raul a lifetime of happiness together.

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