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Samiya and Tarun, Breezy Engagement In Goa

A love story that got sweeter over a decade is bound to be special. Tarun turned up the old school (and slightly cheesy) charm when he asked Samiya to dance, with a rose in his hand! That was in 2008. Little did they know those first few steps in synch were to be the start of a journey they would take together. The duo shares with us their story and highlights of their engagement

How We Met
“It was an instant crush when I saw her for the first time on the 12th of November 2008 at friend’s birthday party. I knew I had to get to know this girl,” Tarun says. So Tarun immediately asked his friend but as he was devising a plan to get to know her better, his friend was relaying everything back to Samiya. Samiya grins, “That night he came to me with a rose and asked me to dance with him. While I did humor him, I found it a little funny and laugh about it till date!” But after that night, things began to develop, “We slowly but steadily kept graduating in our relationship. From acquaintance to friends, to best friends until we eventually fell in love.”

Engagement Venue
“We love Goa and especially during the monsoon. We also wanted a fun, stress-free engagement where everyone could relax and have a good time. The idea was to have a chilled out function and exchange rings in the presence of our closest friends and family. We checked into The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino and their private beach became the venue for our function.”

Engagement Planning and Decor
“We started planning our engagement well in advance and approached it in a very organized manner from day one. We divvied up most of the work between us and had our checklists in place. I have a creative bent so I was in charge of the designing and planning elements like the invitations, table centerpieces, decor arrangements, cake etc. Tarun looked after the execution of everything. Once in Goa a friend of ours lent us a hand putting everything in place and helped ensure everything went as per schedule.

We didn’t want to clash with the beauty of the location wearing flashy clothes so the dress code was elegant and simple. I wore a muted pink dress, Tarun opted for a powder blue suit and the guests were asked to dress up in yellow. The colors came together beautifully with the decor of roses and lilies and the picturesque venue.

We did have a couple of hiccups but we managed to make everything work and in the end, all’s well that ends well!”

Best Moment With The family
“Some of our most cherished moments with our family were at the engagement ceremony and the photo shoot that followed. In the evening, when the venue was ready for us to start the event, it started to drizzle but our spirits were so high that day that nothing could have stopped us from having an outdoor function. We decided to go ahead anyway. After the ring ceremony we celebrated with some champagne and before wrapping up we let loose and created some memorable and crazy candid frames.

We were also very happy with how the morning surprise we had planned turned out. We sent trays with goodies, bottles of beer, snacks and an invite for the evening to their rooms and the gesture was very well received.”

Most Memorable Moment as a Couple
“The most memorable moment as a couple was an early morning walk on the beach followed by a pre-wedding shoot with Payal Kumar. We had a great time while shooting and it also helped us to unwind between all the arrangements and planning that we were looking after. Payal made us feel extremely comfortable and that brought us many memorable moments.”

Samiya’s Outfit- Athena creations
Tarun’s Outfit -Zara
Photos Courtesy- Payal Kumar

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