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Shivani and Rohit’s Platinum Love Story

Shivani and Rohit's Platinum Love Story

Shivani and Rohit first met while they were pursuing their master’s degrees at the same university. Shivani shares, “We first met at a party organized for fellow students to meet and greet. Actually, many people in our course already knew each other since they met during their undergraduate years and since I had recently flown in from India to pursue the course, I did not know anyone. Rohit, however, had his undergrad friends in tow and after a quick introduction, our friendship began.”

When love comes knocking on your door the second time, one is bound to have a mixed bag of feelings ranging from hope to caution. For her second innings, she decided to tread carefully and focus on knowing herself first – a choice that Rohit supported wholeheartedly. Shivani shares, “A separation at a young age is not only daunting but also an emotionally draining process where one tends to forget their individuality. And when Rohit entered my life right after, I was guarded. For me, the love that we’d found was too good to be true! And, while I was cautious, Rohit was extremely patient. During this phase, I was working in NYC and trying to find my footing in a foreign country where I’d never lived alone before, he understood my need for space and respected it. I needed to be completely independent and rediscover my individuality before I took the leap with him. And, when I expressed these thoughts to him, he swept his own needs aside and encouraged me.

Giving me breathing room while being my 3 am friend and a shoulder to lean on when required – he knew when to offer support and when to give me the space to be me and do my thing. In fact, I remember an instance when I had been hunting for apartments alone in the city for the longest time. And, when the time came to move into one, I realized that it was something I just couldn’t do alone! I called on Rohit and he was there, as soon as possible, taking a break from his hectic Ph.D. study schedule to help me move my belongings! And, when the task was done, I confessed to him that I’d never lived alone. His immediate response was, ‘If you like, I can stay for a couple of days till you get used to it.’ And, he did!

Shivani and Rohit's Platinum Love Story
Shivani and Rohit's Platinum Love Story

Romance is all well and good, but having a partner who helps you grow and is attuned to your needs is essential. And, that’s exactly what I’ve found in Rohit – who at a pivotal, make-or-break phase of my life urged and helped me to find the strength in myself to take whatever life gives on the chin rather than rushing in to protect me from it.”

Rohit adds, “From the time we started casually dating, I knew that I felt something special for Shivani. And the feeling only grew stronger with time. However, I knew that she needed time to step out of her shell. Her comfort and trust were my top priorities and I was in no rush. I just wanted to be her friend first and strengthen her faith in me so that she could overcome her inhibitions. Building a life up from scratch after an emotional upheaval is not an easy feat for anyone. While Shivani could have easily turned to the comfort of her home back in India, she didn’t. Instead, she hit the ground running! From her, I’ve learnt to be patient and stay in touch with my emotions. The daily hustle of our lives has a way of making one feel detached. Her tendency to find strength inwards has rubbed off on me too. Earlier I was of the opinion that professional success is all that matters but with her by my side, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s okay to take time out for yourself, disentangle your thoughts and replenish your strength.”

The couple reflects, “Over the years, we’ve realised that love isn’t just about endless dates, flowers and picture-perfect moments. It’s a jumble of adorably imperfect moments – midnight walks after a stressful day at work where we openly share our innermost thoughts, exchanging our favourite books which give us a fresh perspective and ice-cream dates in bed where we share anecdotes while comforting each other as friends at the end of a rough day. These moments are the building blocks of our relationship – a bond where we wholeheartedly back each other up and, simultaneously, make each other stronger. We celebrate our own individual identities by giving each other space or a helping hand whenever the need arises and by cherishing the big as well as small joys that our love has ushered into our lives.”

Placing each other’s needs before their own and staying true to each other while keeping their individualities intact, Shivani and Rohit’s love has helped them bounce back stronger. Crafted out of 95% pure platinum that is found in trace quantities around the world, Platinum Love Bands is the perfect ode to their enduring love.

Shivani and Rohit's Platinum Love Story

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