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Precious Platinum - Nov 29, 2021
Prashansa and Adarsh’s Platinum Love Story
Prashansa Chaudhary, and Adarsh Nair first crossed paths as students at IIM Bangalore. Introduced to each other on their orientation...
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Precious Platinum - Oct 5, 2021
Meera and Daniel’s Platinum Love Story
Meera and Daniel’s journey of love tells a remarkable story of patience and perseverance. From the moment they met, they...
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Precious Platinum - Oct 1, 2021
Kanika and Anraj’s Platinum Love Story
Kanika Hora, an operations manager, and Anraj Singh, an overseas sales and marketing specialist first crossed paths at a shared...
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Precious Platinum - Aug 27, 2021
Drashti and Anuj’s Platinum Love Story
Nothing compares to the strength of the love that blooms from friendship. Mumbai-based Drashti and Anuj’s decade-long journey both as...
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Precious Platinum - Aug 26, 2021
Sonya and Chris’ Platinum Love Story
Sonya Sandiavo, a costume designer and stylist, and Chris Blair Vincent, an artist and entrepreneur first met at their neighbor’s...
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Love Actually - Aug 12, 2021
9 Ways Millennials are doing Marriage differently from previous generations
Thank goodness for the fact that the world is constantly evolving and so are marriages. Millennials have brought about an...
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Precious Platinum - Aug 11, 2021
Yatin and Nigel’s Platinum Love Story
Everyone dreams of fairy tales, romance, and happy endings. Real love, however, is a lifelong friend and partner, someone who...
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Precious Platinum - Aug 2, 2021
Christline and Sneden’s Platinum Love Story
Christline Faroz, a pilot, and Sneden Gonsalves, a merchant navy sailor first crossed paths at school where a platonic friendship...
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Precious Platinum - May 21, 2021
Hitali and Jay’s Platinum Love Story
Dr. Hitali Majethia and Jay Thakkar first crossed paths in school but it was only in college that they transitioned...
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Precious Platinum - May 3, 2021
Priya and Deepanshu’s Platinum Love Story
Priya Manchanda, a corporate communications professional, and Deepanshu Manchanda, CEO of Zappfresh’s first date lasted more than seven hours as...
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Precious Platinum - Apr 8, 2021
Ayesha and Katja’s Platinum Love Story
Entrepreneurs Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser-Nageshwaran first crossed paths at the tender age of five and six, respectively. Introduced by...
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Precious Platinum - Feb 15, 2021
Vatsala and Pranay’s Platinum Love Story
Vatsala, an ambitious fashion entrepreneur, and Pranay, a leader of a Bengaluru based food startups first encountered each other at...
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