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Wedding Planning - Aug 14, 2019
Engagement Party Decor Infused With Eclectic Floral Arrangements
Décor trends may come and go, but flowers are forever. There’s a reason for this. Flowers are truly faceted. Not...
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7 ways to make your wedding more charitable
Little by little, with each passing day it is becoming easier to live a socially conscious life and when it...
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Wedding Planning - Aug 5, 2019
Expert Speak: Wedding Planner Varun Dua of Evolve Weddings
Evolve Weddings began operations over a decade ago and has since become a market leader owing to its seamless delivery...
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Must-have Wedding Photos Checklist
A wedding is one of the most precious moments in a couple’s life and is sure to be packed with...
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Wedding Planning - Aug 1, 2019
This Lebanese couple’s Indian post-wedding celebrations will leave you floored!
Packed with action, drama, romance and songs, Bollywood movies have found a thriving fan based across the world. A couple...
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Wedding Planning - Jul 31, 2019
Experience The Magic Of This Enchanting Engagement!
Embarking on the journey of matrimony needs a special event to kick start it all! For Nishi and Manav, their...
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Wedding Planning - Jul 31, 2019
This bride’s bidai in a regal doli made for an exit that was was both nostalgic and memorable
Nidhi and Varun first met at a music festival but long after the festival ended, the romantic background score played...
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Wedding Planning - Jul 24, 2019
Expert Speak: Wedding Planner Priti Sidhwani of DreamzKrraft
Nearly two decades ago, DreamzKrraft was founded with an aim to create spectacular weddings with unforgettable moments for couples and...
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Destination Weddings - Jul 23, 2019
With performances by leading musicians and striking decor this wedding saw the best of entertainment and aesthetics
Priyanka and Alok’s wedding displayed an array of nature-inspired themes; the events impeccably planned by WeddingSutra Favorite - Prasang Events....
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Wedding Planning - Jul 23, 2019
Young and Inspiring: Wedding Designer Devika Sakhuja of Devika Sakhuja Designs
Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ showcases fresh, exciting new talent powerhouses from the design, fashion and event domains who specialize...
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Young and Inspiring: Filmmakers Anish and Noopur of Happy Flashbacks
Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ presents the newest talent powerhouses from the worlds of design, fashion and events, who are...
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Here’s how you can make a difference with wedding food donations
Food is one of the most crucial aspects of an Indian wedding. Picking the menus for the assorted functions, pre-tasting...
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