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The young, diligent and passionate Yogi Trivedi began his journey with Yogi Trivedi Photography back in 2011. With a number of hardships and achievements along the way, Yogi Trivedi Photography later became Oragraphy in 2014. This photography company has shot over 80 weddings, domestically and around 15 weddings internationally. Every couple is special to them as they believe each of them has a unique story to tell. A team of passionate filmmakers with an intent to capture every essence of your big day, they strive to create timeless memories. Irrespective of your wedding destination, this team believes in creating the most convivial environment so that you are at your natural best. They gather the best from your most splendid moments so that you can revisit them at your heart’s content. They aspire to keep the magic of your special day, alive forever. Bagging the best international wedding film award in 2016, the best pre-wedding picture Weddison in 2017 and the best pre-wedding photography award at the prestigious WeddingSutra Photography awards in 2018, this team of talented professionals have miles to go and a number of more milestones to achieve.


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Reviews for Oragraphy

  • Hiral Joshi
    Hiral Joshi
    Reviewed on: 28-Apr-2020

    Well, let me tell you, how much I love and always have adored Oragraphy! I know Yogi, when he started back in 2010. That was the time, I knew the amount of time he dedicated in his passion. And instantly, I recognized that he would make one of the great artists. In 2013, I was talking to my mum about the wedding photographer because like any other girl, you plan it years ahead, and I mentioned that mum, whenever I get married, I will have Yogi as my wedding photographer! And even, I send a message to Yogi confirming that I promise to keep you as my wedding photographer. Now, after all these years, I have seen him growing, Team Ora has become one of the most popular Indian wedding photographers in India. The beauty is, team doesn't only do weddings, their off beat projects emphasizing on Fashion Photography, ShotOnMobile photography are equally successful and creative! I always believed that team creates the magic, and I am so glad I made the right choice after looking at all the wedding pictures, I relieve the moment over and over again!

    Thanks a million, team Ora!

    With Love,
    Hiral Joshi

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel
    Reviewed on: 21-Apr-2020

    We had a Pre Wedding shoot with ORAGRAPHY and they nailed it. Right from day One they were putting there 100% efforts to make it worth. Mr. Yogi the man behind the lenses has a way far than a creative mind. Whatever he desires he ACHIVES and come up with a massive results. Our shoot was in Leh Ladakh and each day we had so much fun and the entire team was so supportive. Team try to understand the chemistry between the couple and looking at that they decide the concept and i must say they never fail in judging someone. Hats off to the team ORA.
    Definitely looking forward to work with thiw fabulous team.
    Love You ORAGRAPHY.❤️ Love from Harsh & Bhagyashree

  • Monil Zota
    Monil Zota
    Reviewed on: 21-Apr-2020

    Oragraphy is the best photography and as well as cinematography... i am so happy that my prewedding shoot done by oragraphy and want to tell one thing that about the team there is very talented team and very friendly and best part is that they all mixed up like one family but i want to tell one thing that i miss the chance to do my wedding shoot because of the some reason but i want to tell the best photography i have seen in my life thank you Oragraphy for make our movement very special..

  • Linda Thomas
    Linda Thomas
    Reviewed on: 23-Jan-2020

    Good experience

  • Anurag Bhoot
    Anurag Bhoot
    Reviewed on: 16-Jun-2018

    Oragraphy team is amazing and super friendly.
    Each member of the team works with a clear vision and atmost preparation which ultimately leads them for best footage and coverage.
    Everybody is so helpful and kind that shooting with these guys was never a difficult job.
    Wedding is a one time event of a person's life, go with Oragraphy they will make your BIG day even BIGGER.

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