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Harshada and Amey’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai

Harshada is an IT professional with Deloitte, and Amey is a supply chain professional with Reliance. Their pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai proved a welcome and fun break from their hectic lives, and they share their story and experience here.

How we met
Cupid strikes in the unlikeliest of places, and for Harshada, it was on a matrimonial site as she met Amey there. She shares, “It is rightly said when you are supposed to meet your special someone, the world conspires to make it happen. I had just returned from Bangalore and was trying to settle in Mumbai. It was during this time that my parents were convincing me to get married and they decided to create my profile on a matrimonial site called ‘Anuroop’. I was really shocked when I heard about it, but then I shyly checked the website to see Amey’s request on my profile. I don’t know, but something just clicked at that moment and after our initial chats, we decided to meet for lunch without telling our families. It was a casual meeting but we spoke a lot about our families, friends, hobbies, work and even our past relationships!.”

There wasn’t one particular day that they realized they had fallen in love with each other. For Harshada, the relationship with Amey deepened gradually. “Our love developed slowly. I guess it was around the time when I had to go to Orissa for work and couldn’t meet him for months. I still remember crying when I saw him at the airport. That was the moment I knew that I loved him.”

Harshada and Amey

The Pre-Wedding shoot
Harshada and Amey’s pre-wedding shoot took place at various locations in Mumbai such as Dadar Flower Market, the Gateway of India, Asiatic Library, Sagar Upvan and Kala Ghoda. This collection of landmarks was a nice mix of arty and iconic sites in the city that never sleeps.

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

Harshada says the pre-wedding shoot was a welcome surprise and helped Amey and her take some time off from their busy schedules and spend quality time together. She recounts, “It was an outstanding experience wherein we captured special moments thanks to a professional – Stuti Sakhalkar of The Cheesecake Project, and we can’t thank WeddingSutra enough for this experience. We loved Stuti’s work at our friend’s wedding and really wanted to do our photoshoot with her. She was enthusiastic and a very good observer, so the whole shoot felt very natural.”

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

Stuti discussed her ideas, color combinations, props, plans and themes for the shoot in detail with the couple. “Stuti took note of our considerations and gave our ideas a fresh spin with her experience and creativity which made this pre-wedding shoot a really fun experience,” adds Harshada.

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

The photos have raw authentic backdrops that exude the essence of Mumbai – be it the imposing structure of the Gateway of India, the vibrant marigold blooms of the Dadar flower market or the mesmerizing steps of historical building that encapsulate their own stories over the decades.

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

Harshada and Amey

The couple is getting married next year and cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together. As the happy bride-to-be says, “Amey is a very organized person while I am a little more fun-loving and emotional. We complement each other beautifully. I guess, such differences are needed to enjoy a truly happy and healthy married life”, she smiles.

We agree with it and wish them all the love and luck in the future.

Photographer: The Cheesecake Project

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Marvellous ‘Mandaps’ from destination Weddings in Oman

Want inspiration for your ‘mandap’? Check out these creative setups that were highlighted at lavish Indian weddings held in the beautiful Sultanate of Oman.

Grand Glow
The glitzy wedding of Sasha Rawal, sister of Bollywood’s leading fashion designer Kunal Rawal with Samarth Bajaj, a scion of a prominent business family from Hyderabad, was a grand affair at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa in Muscat, Oman.
The glint of glass chandelier lamps and the timeless beauty of fresh blooms emerged dramatically in this stunning arched ‘mandap’. Created against a backdrop of Oman’s coves at the resort’s Turtle Beach, this elegant setup exuded an airy and breezy feel even as the glow of the lamps cast a magical spell in the evening.



Photos courtesy- The Wedding Salad

Aqua Elegance
Aditi and Jash wanted a ‘wedding with a difference’ and that’s exactly they got at the popular Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa in Muscat, Oman. The resort’s three different hotels were grand enough to accommodate all the people, parties and performances that make up a modern Indian wedding today.
Their ‘mandap’ was a minimalist yet elegant one with aqua drapes on the corner pillars of a white wooden frame fringed with dainty yellow daisies and green foliage. This setup was brightened with splashes of yellow fabric and bows fixed behind every chair facing the ‘mandap’, and looked stunning against the crystal-clear blue waters of the Sea of Oman, rocky formations rising out of the sea and a crimson sky at sunset.




Photos Courtesy- PK Suri

Charming Circle
Nazuk and Vaibhav got married at the Al Bustan Palace – a Ritz-Carlton resort, which overlooks the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman. This palatial venue includes the largest ballroom in Oman, making it perfect for large-scale weddings. The beautifully manicured gardens framed by the stark, imposing Hajar mountains make for a dramatic setting. The ‘sehra bandi’ ceremony of this lavish setting was held in the majestic 38-metre-high domed atrium lobby of the hotel, and the ‘baraat’ left grooving to a mix of Punjabi, EDM & Bollywood tracks as they made their way to the ‘pheras’ venue against the backdrop of the mountains.
The circular ‘mandap’ was open from the top and fringed with red rose garlands strung all around the frame. The pillars were draped in lustrous white fabric giving the effect of curtains. A glowing chandelier was suspended from the centre of the ‘mandap’ and the whole setup looked beautiful in the deepening twilight, especially when reflected in the waters of the pool.




Photos Courtesy- Ramit Batra

Deluxe Domes
Smit Virani tied the knot with Chandni Amin at Oman’s Shangri-La Barr Al-Jissah Resort and Spa. So lavish was this wedding that Shangri-La even renamed this luxe property to ‘The Virani Castle’ for the duration of the event which saw over 1,000 guests attend from all over the world. The entire ambience and theme of the wedding included traditional Indian wedding hues of red and gold.
The ‘mandap’ comprised a palatial dome with two mini domes flanking it atop a dais. Featuring beautiful carvings, it overlooked the resort’s Turtle Beach and featured elephant carvings, beautiful friezes and garlands of flowers on the pillars.


Say “I do” in Oman – home to some of the finest wedding venues and five star resorts.

CINEMATIC FLAIR – Nivetha and Partheepan’s Pre-wedding Film

Beautiful locations, stunning outfits and a rocking melody are highlights of Partheepan and Nivetha’s wedding video

We’ve all enjoyed filmy song sequences that are so much a part of Indian cinema – from the splendid locations, costumes changes, rhythmic beats to a gorgeous starring couple… that was the same vibe in ‘Heart’s Desire’ – the slick pre-wedding video of charismatic couple Partheepan and Nivetha.

From the opening shots of a leather clad bride-to-be greeting her biker fiance in a verdant countryside to sashaying through fields of lavender hand in hand to the beat of a lovely song, this video by UK-based Photon Image takes pre-wedding video creativity – and dramatic drone shots – up another notch.

Shot in Italy, UK and Norway, the video features the couple in multiple looks similar to those of music videos and film song sequences. From black leather gear to a white gown and dreamy ethnic saree, Nivetha looks every inch a star in every getup, as does the handsome groom-to-be in his macho biker ensemble, lavender tuxedo and traditional attire.

The video is a blend of static shots interspersed with dynamic footage, and its true strength lies in the skillful editing which juxtaposes every mood and beat beautifully.

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Ten of our Favorite Wedding Videos

Romance, laughter, chemistry, hope and tears – these wedding films are some of the best examples of the best way to capture the many facets of a wedding. Come celebrate with us and get inspired.

The big fat Indian wedding requires more than the usual skills required to capture just about everything that goes on. Technology, skill, intuition and pure energy come together to capture the best moments from across the wedding and in High Definition! Whether you’re choosing romantic background scores or hard rock ballads, whether you want slow motion or strobe lighting, flowers or stars, candid moments or poised portraits, these films will fill your head with inspiration and ideas for your own wedding’s potential to be a cinematic extravaganza.

1. A marriage of moments and melodies: Hitched & clicked
The sarangi plays, Rajasthan unfolds in its gilded beauty and a couple talk about how much they love each other – it’s a modern Indian fairytale and this film features all the magic you’d expect, romantic, pacy and celebratory! You’ll want to watch it over and over.

To book Hitched & clicked for your wedding videography, click here

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2. Sufi Love: Mili Ghosh
Mili Ghosh captures an otherworldly facet to this union of a gorgeous couple and their families. It begins with a father speaking fondly of a beloved daughter and zooms out to include families, dancing, laughing and celebrating together. Gorgeously shot, opulently presented, the film makes movie stars out of everyone on screen.

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3. Jill and Niraj Wedding Video:
Opulent, larger than life, Jill and Niraj’s wedding film features the streets of Barcelona, words, music and emotions in a non-linear narrative with slow motion captures and breathtaking close up shots.

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4. A glamorous Indian wedding in Turks and Caicos : Pacific Pictures
It helps when a couple are just as goodlooking as Melanie and Neeraj but Pacific Pictures outdo themselves in this beautiful montage that included pre-wedding prep, advert-worthy yacht parties, underwater shots, dance sequences, memories and that quirky best-man’s speech. A true celebration of the good times, in the most beautiful way possible.

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5. Naamah and Karan – Two hearts one soul: Rahul Tilokani
It’s like a mini-Bollywood blockbuster with all the splendor and glamour and a couple of real life movie stars thrown in for good measure! Karan’s mother wanted her little prince to get married in a palace and a palace in Jodhpur was chosen for his wedding to his sweetheart Namaah. Watch this wonderful wedding film and try and spot Anil Kapoor giving the groom a run for his money.

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6. Take me home: WeddingNama
Gorgeous Udaipur is the backdrop to this wedding of two young, beautiful, innocent faces that shine right through a love story told in slow motion, with bright music and sneak peeks into their romantic past. Full of love and emotion and laughter, this joyous wedding film is a delight to watch.

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7. Love gives us fairytale: WeddingNama
This is a beautifully straightforward look at a couple, fashion designer Nishka Lulla and her smitten beau, Dhruv, at their extravagant wedding at Juhu’s Iskon temple and the celebrations in Thailand. The fairy tale appeal of this film is interspersed with lots of wonderful words and wishes from the family that will make you tear up as you feel the love.

To book WeddingNama for your wedding videography, click here

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8. An Indian Wedding in Cebu: Jason Magbanua
Goosebumps! Jason Magbanua uses sound, words and music to create an unbelievably rich tapestry that stands out for creating so many moods in such a short span of time. From the holy incantations of the priest, the feisty dancing at the sangeet, the whispered vows of the couple and the sentimental music as the bride is given away, this gorgeous wedding at the Shangrila-Mactan in Cebu sets the bar for wedding movies.

Click here to read their story

9. Love struck: CoolBluez Photography
Shot like a modern music video, cut sharply with an unusual but very sexy soundtrack, this wedding film manages to capture not just the funky personalities of the couple but also their chemistry and the colours of the celebrations. A delight to watch!

To book CoolBluez Photography for your wedding videography, click here

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10. And they gave us Candid Tales: Candid Tales
A glorious montage of the all the moments from Tanwee and Kabeer’s wedding, the dancing, the dressing up, the families – strung through with a simple narrative of the young couple, holding hands, walking on the beach, into the blue waters… Rishabh Sood’s cinematic storytelling is on point.

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The Cameras behind Celebrity Weddings

We’ve all seen those fairytales celebrity wedding moments, the beautiful stars from the galaxies of celebrityhood, loved-up, glowing, captured in heart-stopping frames. If you’ve ever wondered who’s trusted to wield the lens, privy to these private moments, this one is for you.

Candid photographers in the wedding industry have evolved their skill to an art where they bring the magic of reel life into real life at celebrity weddings, finding the essence of the intimate in the glamor.

WeddingSutra Editors flip through the albums to bring you some of the most talked about celebrity weddings and the photographers behind the magic.

Stories by Joseph Radhik

Celebrity Clients: Asin, Masaba, Pernia Qureshi, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan
Joseph Radhik creates magic with his pictures and is one of the A-list’s most wanted photographers. Whether it was Asin’s white wedding, Masaba’s fun-filled ceremonies, Allu Arjun’s fan-frenzied nuptials or Ram Charan’s wedding teaser, he’s captured candid, hitherto unrevealed facets of each of these much-photographed celebrities.

Asin Thottumkal had both Hindu and Christian ceremonies for her wedding to Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax. At the Dusit Devarana, Delhi, Joseph captured the subtle elegance of Asin’s white wedding in the outdoors, her smile as she entered, the adorable little flower girls and ring bearers. He then portrayed the dramatic glamor of the Hindu wedding, in hues of gold and vermillion.


When fashion designer Masaba Gupta tied the knot with producer Madhu Mantena of Phantom Films, Joseph covered the ceremonies spread across the ITC Grand Maratha, JW Marriott Sahar, and St Regis, Mumbai. A wonderful combination of an intimate wedding that featured close friends, many of whom are celebrities in their own right, Joseph captured the fun-filled, emotional occasion with lots of stars clicking selfies, performing at the sangeet and of course, the undeniable chemistry between the couple.


Lights, cameras, action! This big fat Tollywood wedding between Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy jumps out at you thanks to Joseph Radhik and his team, the exclusive private photographers at the Telugu superstar’s wedding, capturing only behind the scenes and candid moments.

Allu Arjun

Joseph was on hand to photograph the gorgeous, traditional nuptials between Ram Charan Teja (Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi’s son) and Upasana Kamineni, Apollo Hospitals’ heiress. A spectacular event, the photographs reveal the union of two celebrated families in a beautiful wedding in Hyderabad.

Ram Charan Teja

Rakesh Prakash Photography

Celebrity Clients: Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal
Rakesh Prakash is one of Chennai’s most popular wedding photographers. He earned a reputation for his incredible photojournalistic style, capturing fleeting expressions, emotions, and activities that even the couple themselves might have missed in the rush of the wedding. Quick on the uptake, his skill at capturing the fleeting moment is further enhanced by his innate ability to bring artistic imagery into every frame and with it the emotion and chemistry of couples making their vows of forever.

Rakesh captured the wedding of cricketer Dinesh Karthik with squash star Dipika Pallikal at both, their Telugu-Naidu Hindu ceremony and their exchange of vows at nuptials in a church in Chennai. A mastery of light and color is evident in both his color and black and white photographs.

Dinesh Karthik

Badal and Raja

It was all glamor and glitz at Gautam Gambhir and Natasha Jain’s wedding which the brothers both covered.

Gautam Gambhir

The duo were chosen to render to memory the lush, traditional Maharashtrian wedding ceremonies of actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza which saw all of Bollywood in attendance.

Retrish Deshmukh


Celebrity Client: Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar

Husband-wife duo Vinayak and Snigdha’s photography style is spontaneous and unobtrusive and very in sync with the flow of each unique wedding. Exclusive photographers at the wedding of The Big Bang Theory actor, Kunal Nayyar to the absolutely stunning former Miss India, Neha Kapur, they captured the gala New Delhi wedding in all its glory over six fun-filled days.


Celebrity Clients: Archana Vijaya, Sangeet Haldipur
Young duo Vibhuti and Rahul are setting trends amongst the Bollywood brat pack with photographs from the weddings of the young and the beautiful. Barely fazed by the stars, they bring a fresh, young spirit to their pictures which feature a mix of contemporary and fine art influences.

When Archana Vijaya got married to Dheeraj Puri in a fairytale beach affair at the Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand, they entrusted The Lightsmiths who paid special attention to the candid moments with friends, getting ready, decor, and baraat moments.

Archana Vijaya

Anusha Mani and Sangeet Haldipur’s temple wedding was full of love, laughter, and joy, all captured flawlessly by The Lightsmiths duo.

Sangeet Haldipur


Celebrity Client: Nishka Lulla
This husband-wife duo, Ankita and Aakash Asthana of WeddingNama are ‘storytellers’ who devote pre-shoot prep to researching innovative ways in capturing and providing a narrative to each wedding.

Post a traditional temple wedding in Mumbai, designer Nishka Lulla flew to the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort and Spa to marry South Mumbai businessman Dhruv Mehta. Weddingnama captured the love and the whimsical wedding with a breathtaking same-day edit and some wonderful portraits of a gorgeous couple.

Nishika Lulla

To book Weddingnama for your wedding photography, click here

Sephi Bergerson

Celebrity Client: Benny Dayal
Documentary photographer Sephi Bergerson was fascinated with the idea of Indian weddings and the cultural diversity they offer. He devotes time and attention to each couple, getting to know them as friends, enabling him to create meaningful, eternal memories with his pictures.

Celebrated Bollywood singer Benny Dayal got married to his longtime girlfriend, Catherine Thangam in a close-knit ceremony in Bangalore. Over the three-day event, featuring both Catholic and Hindu wedding ceremonies, Sephi was privy to an intimate, close-knit celebration and managed to perfectly capture the décor, the couple and the gamut of emotions at this wonderful wedding.

Benny Dayal

Harpreet Bachher of The Wedding Story

Celebrity Client: Bipasha Basu

The Wedding Story by Harpreet Bachher handpicks elements and moments from each wedding. Harpreet films, photographs, edits and showcases a well-scripted, comprehensive, breathtaking record of the celebrations using stunning photographs and films that document every tear and every smile.

Tagged “The Monkey Wedding”, the celebrations surrounding the union of actors Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover was a crazy four-day celebration with their close friends, family, and colleagues from the film industry. The Wedding Story captured the fun moments at this kitschy wedding effortlessly with the bride and groom laughing and in-love right through.

Bipasha Basu

Israni Photography

Celebrity Client: Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh
Siblings Mehgha and Luv Israni tell stories with their wedding photography and cinematography. With a portfolio that includes fashion assignments and weddings, the Isranis are adept at creating glamourous memories.

The wedding of actress Geeta Basra to Indian cricket team spinner Harbhajan Singh in Singh’s hometown, Jalandhar was a glorious fusion of traditional and contemporary luxe. Israni Photography captured the essence of the traditional Anand Karaj ceremony of the couple and celebrated the unconventionally stunning actress’s incredible poise.

Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh

Ram Bherwani

Celebrity Clients: Shahid Kapur, Suresh Raina
Natural, candid, effortless, Ram Bherwani’s photos are un-posed and express endless emotions. Ram has photographed a long list of celebrity weddings including those of Shahid Kapoor, Suresh Raina, Karishma Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Sameera Reddy.

The much awaited Mira-Shahid shaadi was captured by Ram and included photographs of a dapper groom, a young, shy bride and a host of the who’s who of Bollywood clicking selfies and talking to the biggest stars across generations.

Shahid Kapoor

For cricketer Suresh Raina’s wedding, Ram turned to a more traditional style of portraiture but added elements of contemporary candid emotion to bring the documentation alive!

Suresh Raina

Watch this space for latest wedding trends, news and updates on celebrity weddings, celebrity brides and their style statements.

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Geeta and Tejas’ Pre-Wedding Shoot in historic town of Hampi

Tejas and Geeta are both doctors. He has done his MS in General Surgery and she is a General Practitioner. They studied together at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Karad, Maharashtra.

How We Met
“Our first meeting took place in a rather unusual way,” shares Geeta. “I underwent a minor surgery and he was the doctor assigned to me. He used to visit me every morning for check-ups and that’s how we got acquainted. I found him rather cute! On the day I was getting discharged, my mother acted as ‘Cupid’ and encouraged us to be friends. That’s how our friendship started, and then we started bumping into each other frequently on campus which deepened our relationship. There was no official marriage proposal as such – rather, it was our mutual understanding that we would eventually tie the knot.”

The Pre-Wedding Shoot
“The pre-wedding photo shoot venue was suggested to us by our close friend. We were initially considering Mumbai, but then we looked up Hampi in Karnataka, and fell in love with the ancient architecture and history of the place,” recalls Geeta.




“Hampi, as we know, is a UNESCO preserved heritage site and seeing the entire structure in reality was breathtaking. We took a fun six-hour trip to Hampi to explore the place a day before the photo shoot. It was great working with photographers Namit Narlawar and Vipul Sangilkar as they were very creative, down-to-earth and friendly. They went an extra mile to get the perfect shots,” says the happy bride-to-be.





There were some challenges though. Geeta shares, “It was quite a windy day so I required lots of hair spray to hold my locks in place for the photos. We had some issues with the security guards of the site during the shoot, so I would advise couples to take permission from the authorities of the place before planning a shoot there. Thankfully the weather was cool so I did not have to much trouble maintaining my make-up, and the photos came out beautifully.”





As the big day draws closer for the couple, we at WeddingSutra wish them all the best for their destination wedding. Geeta shares, “Our wedding is scheduled for December 10 this year in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the preparations are going great. The venue has been booked, and my bridal trousseau and jewellery are all ready. We are just finalising the decor themes and our invitations have just come in. We had a memorable experience at the photoshoot and are excited about the journey ahead of us.”

Photos Courtesy- Knotty Affair by Namit and Vipul

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Love Actually- Huda Mistry and Aamir Khan’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ is a photo series featuring couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra. The series celebrates beautiful people as they start their lives together: because real love is timeless.

Cupid struck at Aamir’s sister’s wedding in 2012. “Our fathers were best friends but since the family was based out of India, I only met him for the first time at the wedding,” Huda says. She remembers him, dapper in a dark grey suit, “most of the girls at the wedding couldn’t take their eyes off him. But we just greeted each other and that was it.”

That was far from it. Fate had other plans.

Love Actually

Aamir’s family moved back to India in November 2013 but it was only last year that the families formally discussed ‘setting them up’. All was quiet between them even when they all met for coffee, “We were at the Sea Lounge in the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers on the 4th of July last year. We didn’t exchange numbers. In fact, we hardly spoke,” Huda says, but she noticed one thing, Aamir wouldn’t stop smiling.

Love Actually

As they met over the next few weeks, Huda realized that Aamir’s quiet, introverted nature took him a while to open up. But he kept smiling. He was besotted, “Huda was the reason for my smile. Every time she spoke, her eyes would light up and that had me smitten.”

Another coincidence brought them together – they share not just the same birthday but the same birthdate! “I knew it but Aamir had no idea. He was born just an hour and thirty minutes before I was. His father had once mentioned it to me and when I told him we couldn’t stop laughing,” Huda smiles.

Love Actually

Aamir didn’t have to formally pop the question. After all, their parents had already agreed on the union. But he threw Huda a surprise dinner and the gesture holds a special place in her heart, “We had a magical evening at Ziya, a restaurant at the Oberoi. He’d customized everything according to what I like. It was amazing. No one had ever done something so sweet for me. I was awestruck.” Huda was so touched she didn’t utter a word during dinner. It worried Aamir. “Huda is normally so chirpy and that night she didn’t say much. I thought she didn’t like the dinner!” laughs Aamir.

Love Actually

A few days after their birthday, their families formalized the engagement with an engagement ring designed by Aamir; two intersecting infinity symbols signifying his love for her, forever.

There are less than eighty days to go for the wedding and preparations are on in full swing! Huda heads the decision making on the trousseau, caterers and décor but she always takes on board the opinion of her first in command, “I wouldn’t buy anything or make a decision without his nod! He wants a simple, intimate and elegant wedding while I’d like more grandeur, a romantic, fun and festive theme. We are trying a balance between both.”

Love Actually

The couple’s pre-wedding shoot was a chance to spend quality time together. First they shot under the wooden beams of the beautiful Bungalow 9 restaurant, its Portuguese style architecture, soft lighting and gorgeous interiors providing a beautiful setting for this lovely couple. Then they went to catch the sunset at the Bandra Fort for some candid shots as the water hit the mossy stones, the iconic Bandra-Worli Sea Link in the back, a dramatic, romantic, very Mumbai atmosphere.

As the sunlight glinted off her platinum love band, Huda said, “Platinum is a symbol of purity and individuality, one of the most precious metals in the world. It will never fade, just like the bond I share with Aamir. It just made sense to have a platinum wedding band with that sort of significance.”

Love Actually

Love Actually

We catch a glimpse of what made Aamir fall in love with her as her eyes light up talking of her WeddingSutra experience, “Everything from the team to the photographer were thorough professionals. It was truly amazing for us and we cannot thank the team enough for such a great day!”

Love Actually

Huda and Aamir tie the knot in December this year. WeddingSutra wishes them love, luck and a lifetime filled with bright eyed smiles and happy surprises!

If you’re getting married in 2016 or 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to us ( with the link to your FB profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Location- Bungalow 9 and Bandra Fort, Mumbai
Platinum Love Bands and Jewellery- Waman Hari Pethe Jewelers
Make-up and Hairstyling- Kumar Iyer
Photography- Mithilesh Chaubey

Top 7 picks at Project7

We at WeddingSutra bring you our top 7 picks from the beautiful exhibition and the different ways to pair them this festive season.

Project 7 is a platform established by entrepreneur, chocolatier, Zeba Kohli, to promote young and upcoming talent from across India. Over the last 25 years, Zeba has worked towards providing an opportunity for young entrepreneurs through various initiatives and established a platform for this vision in 2013 called Project 7. Here are our top picks from this pre-Diwali exhibition which you must check out today (15th October) at Sunville Banquets in Worli.

1. Clutch it
Want add a bit of a statement with accessories? Then try pairing this beautiful blush outfit by Gaaya with this monochrome clutch by Kokommo at a fun poolside brunch party this festive season. Not only does it complement the contrast in colors but also makes sure, you are elegantly dressed from head to toe.


2. Dapper Bandhgalas
Walk in absolute elan in these earthy toned trendy Bandhgalas by Pre-ri. The colours are so versatile, that you can easily match them with your partner’s ensemble; win- win situation for both of you!


3. Make a statement
When it comes to lehenga selection, ladies surely are spoilt for choice. But it’s the color, silhouette and matching jewelry that makes all the difference! Pair this stunning statement set by Joolry with a midnight blue lehenga by J & V Couture House at your best friend’s wedding to ensure that you are the center of attraction at the party.


4. Coral Play
Bask in coral glory and let the blush shine through your face in this coral outfit by Sapphire as it is perfect for pre-wedding shoots or even honeymoon travel. Pair it with contemporary statement neckpiece by Rejuvenate Jewels to complete this fun look.


5. Lady in Pink
If you are a lover of ‘all things pink’ then these pink clutches by Kana’s teamed with a diamond studded chandelier earrings by Kirthilal and an effervescent hot pink Pre-Ri lehenga is an ideal look to flaunt during Diwali parties. It’s pretty; its bling-worthy and most importantly, looks perfect.


6. Lehenga Delight
Going for a winter wedding in the city and want to match your bridesmaid lehenga with the bride-to-be- then definitely choose this beautiful embroidered creation by Ess Kay Prey- Sangeeta Kilachand. It has just the right amount of shimmer and embroidery to match just fine.


7. Lavender accents
Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend and this exquisite neckpiece by Kirthilal jewellery along with Kavita Durazi’s lavender outfit is like a match made in heaven. Go for a festive brunch in this ensemble to recreate your very own indo-western look.


Check out more festive creations at Project 7, Mumbai on 15th October at Sunville Banquets, Worli.

Photography- Dev Purbiya

Rediscovering yourselves while rediscovering Thailand

Find yourself in an entirely different world, only 3 hours away from home. Come discover Thailand’s hidden gems. There’s much more to Thailand than the world knows…. Don’t believe us? Watch this and find out for yourself.

With their 10th Wedding Anniversary approaching, Mihir and Shikha were dreaming of a luxury holiday – a few days to rediscover themselves, without worrying about the kids. The destination was key. The couple wanted a getaway but found themselves fretting about leaving the kids behind every time they discussed travelling for too long.

A Travel Duet Thailand

Disheartened, they almost gave up on their plans. Then, Mihir encountered A Travel Duet’s ongoing contest – winning a luxury holiday in Thailand. They called one of the expert handcrafters at A TravelDuet who told them about a host of options and barefoot luxury only 3 hours from home. They knew they had to visit this ‘mainstream holiday country’ to luxuriate in the not-so- mainstream gems hidden in its depths. They decided to get their trip customized by A Travel Duet and then, another surprise! They won first prize in A Travel Duet’s Thailand Contest, worth Rs 12 lakhs and including stays at uber luxury properties and a complimentary holiday film! What could better that?

Thrilled to bits, Mihir & Shikha were set to experience the #LuxuryEscapadesinThailand.

A Travel Duet Thailand

The couple landed in Chiang Mai and checked into the Four Seasons Chiang Mai. They hit a high note immediately with a hot air balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast. Later, they took an elephant ride and went bamboo rafting. They also had a chance to try their hands at traditional Thai umbrella painting. Then it was time for high tea at the Four Seasons, a real treat! Mihir and Shikha also recommend the Thai cooking class within the hotel itself!

Next on the itinerary was Phuket. The couple stayed at the enchanting Keemala and got right into the swing of things at the relaxing couple’s spa on offer in this tropical wonderland. Glowing gently, they enjoyed a leisurely sunset cruise on a private yacht.

A Travel Duet Thailand

Upping the glamour and the luxury, Mihir and Shikha then travelled to Koh Kood but in a chartered jet! It was the ‘cherry on the cake’ until they saw wonderful Soneva Kiri, a resort that boasts an outdoor movie theatre, tree-pod dining, a 24*7 chocolaterie and an eatery in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t want to leave!

Rejuvenated and loved up, they knew all good things must end and it was time to bid fond farewell to an unbelievably surprising and delightful Thailand. However, they had all their memories on film to reminisce over and to share with their kids! And having been shot and edited by a professional videography team, the film was as perfect as it gets.
(You can re-watch the video above).

A Travel Duet Thailand

Whether you’re on a honeymoon, reconnecting from a long-distance relationship or just rediscovering your partner – you’re best off in paradise, Thailand. Relax in a leather bed suspended from the roof, go glamping or elephant riding… Thailand is a feast for all the senses. And don’t forget to have a romantic photo-shoot done so your memories are preserved forever.

Come see what Amazing Thailand has to offer.

10 Absolute-ly Fab Lipcolors for this Bridal Season

Perfect your pout with these festive lip shades from the Lakmé Absolute Range.

Whether you’d love a firecracker red or prefer a wintry sunset pink, the shimmer of the festival of lights or the textures of flowers adorning the doorways – there’s a lipstick shade and feel for every bride and bridesmaid out there.

WeddingSutra rounded up ten absolutely fabulous lip colours from the Lakmé Absolute range worn by real brides; perfect to make a statement or keep a secret this festive season.

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer in Crimson Blink
Brand new and flawlessly smooth, this crème lipstick glides over the lip with a deep colour and a gorgeous reflective shimmer.
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Crimson blink

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer in Bronze Flake
Up the oomph, sport a hint of metal with the Bronze Flake Lip Shimmer, which will catch the light and go with most of your festive wardrobe.
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bronze flake

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict Lip Color in Bare Beige
If your dramatic mascara and shadows are letting your eyes do the talking, then you’ll want this subtle, barely there neutral gloss in Bare Beige to maintain that mystery.
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bare beige

Lakmé Absolute Matte Lipstick in Garnet Spark
Wear the deep burgundy of a precious gem like the garnet on your lips and let it enhance your inner diva in your chic, super glam look with this matte lipstick.
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Garnet Spark

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Flaming Orange
Coral – the perfect day-time colour, it could be worn subtle or bold, it depends on your mood, the clothes you choose, the pose you strike.
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Flaming Orange

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Plum Perfect
Elegant with a touch of vintage class, plum lip colours are perfect for the coming winter season and the luxe colours and fabrics it brings.
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plum perfect

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Pink Temptation
You’ll never go wrong if you think pink which is a lipcolor for every skin tone. This Lakmé Absolute lippy is playfully glossy, gorgeously innocent and works a charm dressed up to the nines.
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pink temptation

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Pink Wink
A statement pink, perfectly paired with minimal make up and lots of laughing!
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pink wink

Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict in Red Delight
That’s the fire cracker you want this festive season: a classic red pout with an irresistible hint of gloss to light up the evening.
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red delight

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip-Shimmer Pink Flash
A flirty candy pink that will pair perfectly with winged-tip eyes and you’ll rock the festive season with your trend setting look!
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Pnk Flash

Find your favorite festive lip color here