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A divine Shiv-Parvati themed pre-wedding shoot from the ghats of the Ganges

‘Ardhanarishwara’ is a form of the Hindu deity Shiv which, through the portrayal of Goddess Parvati, boasts of the femininity existing within every man. Taking inspiration from this belief, WeddingSutra Favorite – Magic Motion Media came up with a unique concept for this pre-wedding film shot in Benaras.

The video begins with bride Aiswaria exploring the beautiful and mysterious locales of the city. The images showcase the quintessential essence of the holy city of Benares, from the calm Ganges river to the priests, cart stalls, winding lanes and yoga practitioners. It slowly shift focus to the groom Balkrishnan who, just like her, takes his time traversing the compelling spaces. While the two of them aren’t directly aware of each other, they are shown walking around the city in a dramatic way, aided by an unconventional soundtrack.

The video ends with a twist where Balkrishnan is shown suddenly waking up from a slumber in the train. And as soon as he alights from the train, the film shows Aiswaria travelling right behind him all along in the same train, giving us hints that all the previous images of them were a sort of a dream.

From the raw rustic costumes worn by the couple used to the enchanting elements of Benaras, the video is a subtle tribute to the divine concept of ‘Ardhanarishwara.’ From the spectacular view of the sun rising over the Ganges to the lit pyres on the river banks and the narrow streets, this compelling montage of action, mythology and authentic backdrops make Aiswaria and Balkrishnan’s pre-wedding film a truly unique one.

Videography: Magic Motion Media

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