A Parisian Pre-Wedding Photoshoot That Will Have You Going – Oh là là

Arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris has always inspired love. This is why Nimesh jetted off to the French capital with Meena to celebrate their engagement, craftily fitting in a fun photoshoot into their holiday schedule. The ecstatic bride-to-be shares the beautiful photographs from the holiday and highlights of the couple’s history.

Meena and Nimesh

How They Met
“I met Nimesh a year after moving to NYC, where I was having a tough time making friends. A co-worker arranged a small dinner to celebrate my birthday. After dinner, he mentioned he was going out with his friends and invited me to join. He took us to one guy’s apartment to have a drink before going out. That guy was Nimesh. When he opened the door, it felt like love at first sight for me!”

Meena and Nimesh

The Proposal
“Nimesh proposed to me on a beautiful fall afternoon in Central Park and invited our entire families for a dinner at Loeb Boathouse, which was a big surprise for me. In the middle of dinner, he got up for a toast and said that he had another surprise – he was whisking me off to Paris to celebrate our engagement!”

Meena and Nimesh

The Photoshoot
“Soon after Nimesh announced that we were going to Paris, I began planning an engagement shoot. We found our photographer, Cengiz from Kiss Me In Paris, by doing some quick research on Instagram. Both of us worked with him to plan all the details of our shoot, from timings and locations to the vibe, aesthetic and outfits. It was really fun!”

“I was inspired by an engagement shoot I found online, where the couple took pictures while dancing in the Jardin des Tuileries. I loved everything about how natural and effortless the pictures were – it was as though they were just enjoying a perfect afternoon and a photographer was secretly capturing shots of them from behind the bushes. That was the feeling I wanted to recreate at our shoot!”

“After I shared my inspiration with Cengiz, he suggested a few spots in the city that were not clichéd but unique and beautiful instead. Nimesh and I looked through all of them and fell in love with four places: the slick grounds of the Louvre, the iconic Cafe de Flore, the architectural landscape of the Colonnes de Buren at the Palais Royal, and, of course, the Jardin des Tuileries. Once the theme and locations were decided, we began the process of selecting our outfits. We wanted our wardrobes to represent our individual styles while also playing to the different backdrops. We stuck to neutral colors and clean silhouettes and had one outfit change.”

Meena and Nimesh
Meena and Nimesh
Meena and Nimesh

“On the day of the shoot, we had an early start. The idea was to avoid crowds in our photos and take advantage of the beautiful morning light and mist. While this was perfect from the photography perspective, it did get a tad bit uncomfortable because of the weather! Nimesh and I did not foresee it being cold and we were absolutely freezing! It took us an entire hour to warm up and look comfortable in our pictures. We also underestimated how long it would take to get from one location to another, so we did not have time to go back to the hotel to change to our second outfits. I ended up changing in the restrooms at Cafe de Flore and Nimesh changed behind a truck! I chuckle when I look back, but it was all part of the adventure.”

Meena and Nimesh
Meena and Nimesh

“We came back with a whole bunch of beautiful images. My favorite picture is the one where we are sipping cafe au lait on the sidewalk outside Cafe de Flore. The iconic Cafe de Flore sign features with lush greenery hanging over it and a pop of color from the red flowers. In this photo, Nimesh and I were just chatting and sipping our coffee, while Cengiz was snapping away from behind a truck across the street, creating a very candid and natural image. I love being in front of the camera but Nimesh is quite the opposite. However, our photographer was instrumental in making us both comfortable and directing us so that our chemistry shone through. I don’t think we were easy subjects at first, but we quickly warmed up to it! What worked for us was taking pictures that were more candid than posed and formal.”

Meena and Nimesh
Meena and Nimesh

“This experience was such a memorable one for both of us. We had just landed in Paris the evening before the shoot and we got to see some of the most iconic areas in the city by going from location to location for our pictures. We were sightseeing and taking engagement pictures all at the same time! It was such a special and celebratory moment for us.”

Photography: Kiss Me in Paris

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