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Check out our favorite Pre-Wedding Photoshoots this month

From capturing vintage frames in New Zealand to playing it cool in the snowy hills of North India, we present some of the prettiest pre-wedding shoots that evoke romance in all its shades

1. Natural Splendor
Imagine shooting under the stars or cavorting in a lush forest… That’s what Ankit and Tripti did when they chose the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh as their ultimate pre-wedding shoot location. Sandeep and Nitin of Shutterink who shot the pre-wedding album for the lovely couple share, “Ankit is very aesthetically inclined and wanted something unique for which we had to research for about three months before choosing the pre-wedding shoot location. Since it was a multi-day shoot, we chose the hilly regions of Manali, and included locations like the Dhankar Monastery, Key Monastery, Langza Village and Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti Valley as they provided beautiful backdrops where nature played a key role. This was one of our favorite shoots as we all got to experience some unique moments together. We shared a tent with bikers, enjoyed a warm campfire at a chilly high-altitude spot and enjoyed star gazing in the clear night skies over the mountains away from all the pollution and noise of the plains. All these moments were beautifully captured in our photographs.”




Photos Courtesy – Shutterink

2. Vintage Vibe
Ridhima and Lalit wanted a pre-wedding photoshoot that exuded a contemporary charm mingled with a vintage aesthetic. The couple, who reside in New Zealand, opted to shoot at the Auckland Maritime War Museum and Winter Gardens and chose photography duo – Snigdha Sheel and Vinayak Das of Photo Tantra – who helped them, put their ideas into perspective. “Every nook and corner in New Zealand boasts of natural beauty so we utilized this aspect to the fullest. We added little touches of vintage magic like including a swashbuckling Rolls Royce in some images, had the couple waltzing romantically and posing next to Auckland’s lovely landmarks which made the entire shoot very memorable, creative and fun for everyone,” shares Vinayak.


Photos Courtesy – Photo Tantra

3. Fashion Fervor
Anuradha and Gaurav had always envisioned their pre-wedding photoshoot to be a bit offbeat and unique but without necessarily being photographed in a clichéd fashion. Photographer Mahesh Patra of Picture Together understood their concerns and organized an action–packed pre-wedding shoot that made the couple look like fashion icons. Explains Mahesh Patra, “I knew that they didn’t want to be shot at typical heritage places, decked in lehengas and anarkalis… Instead, they wanted an offbeat shoot that was contemporary yet looked classic. We shot at the luxurious Le Meridien Resort & Spa in Mahabaleshwar. The hotel was like our own little escape to paradise with its stunning architecture and evergreen pathways that provided the most surreal backdrop to the shoot. Each moment was photographed beautifully; perfectly capturing Anuradha and Gaurav’s love for each other and making them look like the most gorgeous power couple of a fashion glossy!”



Photos Courtesy – Picture Together

4. Regal Grandeur
Photographer Shraddha Rathi of Dreamgrapher wanted to make the most out of the royal surroundings of Udaipur – a place where both Reena and Gaurav originally hail from. Her idea was to incorporate their unique love story and romantic moments amidst the majestic palaces of Udaipur. She explains “Reena and Gaurav like to joke that they met through the traditional Indian way of a ‘Tinder’ setup – an arranged marriage! They grew up together as they lived across the street, until one evening their parents decided to ‘set’ them up. Since both of them instantly connected, their families arranged for their wedding and that is when ideas of a romantic pre-wedding shoot came about. Since both of their families hail from Udaipur, we decided to host the shoot in their home city. Our sincere attempt was to portray their connection and love through Indian heritage and tradition by capturing the moments of their romance amidst the royal charm of Udaipur.”





Photos Courtesy – Dreamgrapher

5. Iconic Inspiration
Anu and Gaurav met through an arranged marriage setting, and while they started off as friends, their relationship gradually blossomed into love. They wanted their pre-wedding photoshoot to be an ode to their undying friendship and love, for which they chose to be photographed amidst the symbol of love – The Taj Mahal in Agra. Many couples organize their pre-wedding photoshoots at the Taj but this adventurous couple wanted to bring in an element of crazy to it which made this photoshoot unique. Their photographer Hitesh Shivnani explains, “Apart from the fact that they wanted to be shot at a historical monument, they weren’t conscious and were just enjoying themselves, which made for great candid shots and is clearly depicted in all their photos.”





Photos Courtesy – Hitesh Shivnani

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