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Geeta and Tejas’ Pre-Wedding Shoot in historic town of Hampi

Tejas and Geeta are both doctors. He has done his MS in General Surgery and she is a General Practitioner. They studied together at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Karad, Maharashtra.

How We Met
“Our first meeting took place in a rather unusual way,” shares Geeta. “I underwent a minor surgery and he was the doctor assigned to me. He used to visit me every morning for check-ups and that’s how we got acquainted. I found him rather cute! On the day I was getting discharged, my mother acted as ‘Cupid’ and encouraged us to be friends. That’s how our friendship started, and then we started bumping into each other frequently on campus which deepened our relationship. There was no official marriage proposal as such – rather, it was our mutual understanding that we would eventually tie the knot.”

The Pre-Wedding Shoot
“The pre-wedding photo shoot venue was suggested to us by our close friend. We were initially considering Mumbai, but then we looked up Hampi in Karnataka, and fell in love with the ancient architecture and history of the place,” recalls Geeta.




“Hampi, as we know, is a UNESCO preserved heritage site and seeing the entire structure in reality was breathtaking. We took a fun six-hour trip to Hampi to explore the place a day before the photo shoot. It was great working with photographers Namit Narlawar and Vipul Sangilkar as they were very creative, down-to-earth and friendly. They went an extra mile to get the perfect shots,” says the happy bride-to-be.





There were some challenges though. Geeta shares, “It was quite a windy day so I required lots of hair spray to hold my locks in place for the photos. We had some issues with the security guards of the site during the shoot, so I would advise couples to take permission from the authorities of the place before planning a shoot there. Thankfully the weather was cool so I did not have to much trouble maintaining my make-up, and the photos came out beautifully.”





As the big day draws closer for the couple, we at WeddingSutra wish them all the best for their destination wedding. Geeta shares, “Our wedding is scheduled for December 10 this year in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the preparations are going great. The venue has been booked, and my bridal trousseau and jewellery are all ready. We are just finalising the decor themes and our invitations have just come in. We had a memorable experience at the photoshoot and are excited about the journey ahead of us.”

Photos Courtesy- Knotty Affair by Namit and Vipul

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