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Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love

Our initiative Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to tell us how they met, capture the rare connection they share and talk about their day of love.

Tithi knew she had found her special someone the first time she laid her eyes on Jai. Reminiscing the early days, Tithi says, “Ours is a classic love story. Our first day in our first semester of MBA was the first time I saw him. His eyes were what got me attracted to him. He has the most beautiful pair! We gradually started talking and realised that we had a connection. After college, we opted for our internship in the same city, and it was then that we felt it was more than friendship that we share.”

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love

Tithi tried to leave subtle hints but Jai didn’t get them and she had no choice but to voice her feelings out loud. Bride-to-be Tithi says, “After dinner one night, I confessed how I felt about him. At first, he didn’t say anything, but what followed the long silence was a kiss! In that moment, there were no more words needed.”
From the confession to the dating phase to the engagement, it all just fell in place.

The five years of their togetherness was a roller coaster ride of memorable highs and bond building lows. Tithi says Jai changed her life, “Jai is a Virgo, and they’re known for their perfectionism. I can’t keep up but irrespective of this major dissimilarity, if I could choose one person with whom I want to share every minute of my life, it would still be Jai. After meeting him, my happiness graph has just gone upwards. I love him heaps.”

Smiling, Jai says, “With Tithi, it’s been a ride of doing nothing and still being my happiest best. We have had our share of joys and sorrows, and there is no one who would fit into my world as perfectly as she did. I am glad we agreed to annoy each other for the rest of our lives.”

Jai and Tithi both say that despite being opposites in one aspect, the extent to which they care about each other and share details of their lives balances everything out. With a bond of love as pure and rare as precious platinum, they know they are right for each other, and can be themselves without any inhibitions.

Five years of togetherness warranted a celebration. Jai wanted to remind Tithi how special she is to him with a gesture that would be remembered forever. Tithi was the one who took the lead when they began the relationship so despite being engaged, Jai decided to propose with platinum. And to sweeten the deal, he planned a little treat – since she loves baking.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveAn afternoon together is wonderful and an afternoon spent baking, is the icing on the cake!

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love… what she doesn’t know is that Jai has an even sweeter surprise planned.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveLove is a lot like baking – it takes the right ingredients, patience and time.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveHigh on sugar? Or love? Jai tries to sneak in a proposal amidst the laughter.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveAnd there it is. The perfect moment for perfectionist Jai for whom every minute spent with Tithi is nothing less than perfect.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love“To sweet beginnings and a happily ever after”, says Tithi

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveJai and Tithi bite into the freshly baked treats to celebrate their precious bond.

Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love
Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of Love
Jai and Tithi’s Platinum Day Of LoveA bond as precious as platinum…

As the couple, basked in the joy of celebrating their platinum day of love, makeup artist Meena Pithoo Shu’s skills had Tithi looking flawless even in the kitchen. Capturing their love in all its candidness was Dev Purbiya Photography. And lastly, helping Jai to proclaim his love for Tithi, was Orra, who brought some of their stunning platinum creations, making this day a memorable one.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to editor@weddingsutra.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Platinum love bands and Jewelry: Orra, Bandra
Venue: MishMash Bakery, Mumbai
Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Meena Pithoo Shu, Meena Somani
Aprons: Wedding Lounge By Urvi Sethi
Photographer: Dev Purbiya Photography

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