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Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and capture beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates the people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to share how they met, capture the rare connection they share and talk about their day of love.

College sweethearts, Lynn and Royden, began a love story in the halls of their University in Mumbai. A beautiful game played a major role in kicking off this romance; Royden is a die-hard football fan and watching his mood continually altered by injuries, fouls, penalties, and ever-changing fantasy football stats at every match screening had Lynn’s interest piqued!

While they share a love for football, they’re different in many ways. Royden is quick-tempered, Lynn is calm but they make the perfect team. “We are complete opposites but complement each other and maybe that is why we get along well,” says Royden.

KnotsbyAMP captured Lynn and Royden’s love story with a unique, football-themed photoshoot which seemed apt when they chose the picturesque space of Lodha Belmondo with its lush manicured lawn and vibrant atmosphere to bring alive their romance.

Their precious, unique relationship began by chance but seemed determined by fate. “It was in 2009 when we met in college for the first time. I had dropped out of engineering and joined St. Andrews to study Banking and Insurance. But since I was a year behind, it took me a while to blend in with the crowd,” Royden remembers. “Lynn and her group had been together since junior college and they asked me to join them. I started hanging out with them and that’s where it all began! Lynn and I started talking on Facebook and gradually our friendship turned into something more. There was a time when Lynn was going through a sad phase in her life because she lost her very good friend due to a heart complication. We grew close and would speak for hours. She knew I cared for her and that’s when I confessed my feelings. We never really had to declare our love for each other. We just knew.”

Royden talks about his other love and how the two fit into their lives, “I grew up watching and playing a lot of football. I love the game and in the years that I’ve known Lynn, soccer has become a great part of our relationship. We try out new things that either of us likes but also give each other the space we need. For instance, Lynn didn’t really follow football before she met me but now, she really enjoys watching a game with me. Similarly, I enjoyed hanging out at home on holidays initially, but I’ve started going out more often, all thanks to Lynn!”

“Unlike other relationships, ours is more about differences than similarities and this encourages us to try new things. This has allowed us to be an unfiltered, honest version of ourselves. And that’s what we feel adds balance, and is our point of connection, that’s what makes what we share so special and unique. We’re more like puzzle pieces, which fit together flawlessly. We help each other learn, heal and grow”, says Royden. “Which is why we feel platinum love bands are perfect for us as they stand for rare love.”, he adds. Crafted using one of the most precious of metals, it is the rarity of Platinum that fits perfect as a testament to their lasting love.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveA day out with you and an open space could only mean one thing… Football!

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveCouples that play together, stay together!

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveA perfect match has similar goals.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveLynn has no idea she’s about to be proposed to.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveRoyden: “I was wondering if you would watch every football game with me for a lifetime?”

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of Love
Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveShe gives the big “yes” he’s been waiting for!

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveWhen it comes to proposing, Royden sure knows the rules for this game of love.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveThere’s no stop whistle for an eternal romance that deserves platinum.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveThat’s one special day they won’t forget.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of Love‘The perfect team!’

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveNo penalties for excessive celebration here!

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveLynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveAnd that’s how everyone wins a match!

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveLynn: “I promise to be by your side forever and always.”

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of Love

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveCelebrating a bond so rare with platinum love bands.

Lynn and Royden’s Platinum Day of LoveA simple game with a happily ever after.

As the beautiful day comes to an end, Royden says, “These platinum love bands are symbolic of the bond I share with Lynn. Precious, rare and enduring.”

Located on the banks of the Pavana river, Lodha Belmondo with its 90 acres of open greens affords mesmerizing views of the Sahyadris and gave the shoot a captivating backdrop. To ensure that every candid moment shared by the couple was preserved, the talented team of KnotsbyAMP captured every frame to perfection. While makeup artist Deepti Sethi made sure that Lynn’s look was on point all day, Ranka Jewellers extended exquisite platinum pieces from their collection.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to editor@weddingsutra.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Venue: LODHA Belmondo
Platinum Love bands and jewelry: Ranka Jewellers, Pune
Makeup Artist: Deepti Sethi
Photography: KnotsbyAMP

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