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Rock meets Bollwood @ Pre Wedding Shoot

Neha loves Bollywood movies and Abhishek loves Rock music. And so, for their pre-wedding photo shoot they decided on the concept ‘Rock and Boll’. Neha was in a saree and asked Abhishek to play the guitar. The setting was in a park with a retro effect. The couple and their photographer Shreya Sen spent a lot of time collecting interesting elements for the shoot- like the gramophone and the vinyl records; they visited places like Chor Bazaar for signs, and where they found several hand painted romantic Bollywood posters. Explains Shreya Sen: “Since both of them have been away from India I wanted to add elements that were very Indian, Neha mentioned how they both enjoy drinking chai and coffee together hence the kettle and chaiwala container and the very kitsch desi muchi man. Neha also loves photography so we added the retro cameras. The essence of the concept was that music brought them together, so we created the ‘Save the Date’ message on a vinyl record.”

Neha and Abhishek tell us that besides being fun it was challenging too- the cops at Borivali National Park were not too happy with the set ups; they eventually gave them permission but by that time it was unbearably hot. But in the end they had a blast with all the crazy retro props.

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