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Precious Platinum - Jul 12, 2021
Nupur and Attila’s Platinum Love Story
Nupur Gupta and Attila Bosnyak found their perfect match in each other when they first met in Goa. Despite being...
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Precious Platinum - May 3, 2021
Akanksha and Akhil’s Platinum Love Story
From a charming college meet-cute to blazing a trail as a power couple, Akanksha Pandey and Akhil Sharma’s journey is...
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Precious Platinum - May 3, 2021
Priya and Deepanshu’s Platinum Love Story
Priya Manchanda, a corporate communications professional, and Deepanshu Manchanda, CEO of Zappfresh’s first date lasted more than seven hours as...
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Precious Platinum - Apr 6, 2021
Ami and Nitin’s Platinum Love Story
Seattle based professionals Ami Pandya and Nitin Zacharias first crossed paths in 2010 while studying for GMAT in the same...
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Precious Platinum - Mar 4, 2021
Aakanksha and Mikhail’s Platinum Love Story
An enduring bond of a decade that has stood the test of time, Aakanksha and Mikhail have been each other’s...
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Precious Platinum - Feb 2, 2021
Harmit and Varun’s Platinum Love Story
Growing up, we often heard of epic love stories where one travelled “across the seven seas”, and marveled at the...
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Precious Platinum - May 24, 2012
Groom’s Jewellery and Platinum Wedding Band
Our gorgeous groom from all "All the Groom's Men" fashion spread got a lot of love from our readers. For...
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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s Platinum Wedding Bands
Nick Lachey has married his girlfriend of five years Vanessa Minnillo with a set of platinum wedding bands. The former...
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