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Precious Platinum - Aug 26, 2021
Sonya and Chris’ Platinum Love Story
Sonya Sandiavo, a costume designer and stylist, and Chris Blair Vincent, an artist and entrepreneur first met at their neighbor’s...
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Precious Platinum - Aug 2, 2021
Christline and Sneden’s Platinum Love Story
Christline Faroz, a pilot, and Sneden Gonsalves, a merchant navy sailor first crossed paths at school where a platonic friendship...
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Precious Platinum - May 21, 2021
Hitali and Jay’s Platinum Love Story
Dr. Hitali Majethia and Jay Thakkar first crossed paths in school but it was only in college that they transitioned...
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Precious Platinum - Apr 8, 2021
Ayesha and Katja’s Platinum Love Story
Entrepreneurs Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser-Nageshwaran first crossed paths at the tender age of five and six, respectively. Introduced by...
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Precious Platinum - Jan 29, 2021
Chanu and Digvijay’s Platinum Love Story
Pilots by profession, Chanu and Digvijay first crossed paths at flying school where sparks instantly flew. And even though Digvijay...
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