Trishant and Prerita’s Gorgeous Pre-wedding Shoot in Georgia, Eastern Europe.

They met, they spoke, and over time, Trishant and Prerita gradually fell in love! Trishant Sidhwani, director of wedding decor and planning company, DreamzKraft first met Prerita way back in university. After years of togetherness, as the clock struck 12 on a New Year’s Eve, he finally proposed marriage to his Cinderella!

How We Met
Prerita shares, “Trishant and I were both pursuing our Bachelor in Business Administration courses at Indiana University, at Bloomington, US, where we were first introduced to each other by a common friend. After a party that went on late into the night, Trishant offered to walk me back to my dorm which was about a mile away. Now, heels look great during a party but we’re all victims of the after-effects! Walking barefoot for a mile seemed much easier than walking in those angelic demons! As I pulled my shoes off, Trishant sweetly offered me his! That moment was the start of our friendship. Both my ‘soul’ and ‘sole’ danced in joy!”

Trishant and Prerita

The Proposal
Their cutesy love story includes an awesome proposal as well! Trishant shares how he meticulously planned the surprise. “Prerita was on a family vacation in the Maldives in December last year when I spoke to her dad, got his blessings, and her ring size! I planned an elaborate New Year’s Eve Party and invited all our closest friends. So, while she looked forward to an ordinary New Year’s celebration, my excitement and eagerness knew no bounds. As the clock struck twelve, I took the mike and popped the question!”

Prerita adds, “I was completely speechless! He had everything planned to the bits. He even went out of his way to get Shah Rukh Khan, who I am a big fan of, to raise a toast for us and played that on the AV system!”

The Pre-wedding Photo Shoot
The couple chose to do a pre-wedding shoot in Georgia, in Eastern Europe. They stayed at the capital Tbilisi and picked six gorgeous locations there for some stunning captures.

Prerita recalls, “The shoot was an amazing experience. We had Harpreet Bachher of The Wedding Story and Trisha Datwani of Trish by our side. The duo brought out the best in us with their experience and expertise. Yes, waking up at dawn, getting ready, and struggling to find the perfect lighting was a bit taxing, but in the end, it was all worth it. As for the theme, we did not stick to anyone in particular. We were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Georgia and posed against some stunning natural backdrops. Trishant and I are camera shy, so at first we struggled with the poses and trying to feel comfortable but eventually, by the second day, everything was smooth sailing. ”

Trishant and Prerita

Trishant and Prerita

Trishant and Prerita

Clubbed with a family vacation, their pre-wedding shoot was a great time for all to relax and bond. Sharing a funny memory, Trishant says, “I remember one time when we were shooting candid photos beside a lake when Prerita suddenly jumped as she believed she saw a snake in the foliage. Shaking with fear, she refused to take even one step ahead! Yes, I carried her all the way back! Another incident I’ll never forget is running hand-in-hand with her as a senior monk chased us out of the premises of the oldest cathedral in Georgia! No, we didn’t do anything illegal! In fact, we had all the official permissions to shoot there as well, but we were so mesmerized by the beauty of the place that we may have overstayed our welcome! Overall, it was a wonderful experience, we explored the city together with family and to top it all off, we got a front row seat to the beauty of nature.”

Trishant and Prerita
Trishant and Prerita

Advice to Couples
Prerita shares, “Even though we had local makeup artists and hairstylists in place for the shoot, they refused to work for the early morning slots. I’d recommend every bride to know the basics of hair and makeup just in case of such an emergency. Also, carrying comfortable shoes along is a must! Plan your shoot schedule well, try not to rush it all up because there are high chances, (unless you’re a model) that you might feel camera shy for a day or two.”

About the Wedding
Trishant and Prerita are all set to tie the knot in December this year in Mumbai. Talking about the planning process, the event’s expert Trishant shares, “I have been a part of the wedding industry for almost 20 years, and from an experience of almost 1500 weddings, I always assumed event planning was pretty straightforward. However, to plan one’s own wedding is a completely different ball game. There is so much more to do regarding jewellery, apparel, guest lists, gifting and most importantly, the detailing. I am now on the other side of the fence, and today realize why families find their weddings hectic!”

Trishant and Prerita
Trishant and Prerita
Trishant and Prerita
Trishant and Prerita
Trishant and Prerita

Designer: Trisha Datwani of Trish
Photography: The Wedding Story

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