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About The Photo Lab

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A contemporary wedding photography company that is fascinated by human connection, The Photo Lab is the brainchild of Devansh and Harsh that was created in 2014. Aiming to capture memories in the most unique way possible in order to resonate with you as a couple, they push the boundaries of creativity at every step of the way.

Opting for a documentative and a story-telling approach that is highly versatile, The Photo Lab believes in keeping it ‘au naturel’ by telling a couple’s story in the purest form possible without staging any moment. Passionate about their craft and constantly striving for perfection, their expertise lies in minimalist and environmental portraits when it comes to wedding shoots.















Candid photography 


Pre wedding photography

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Jovita D'Silva
Jovita D'Silva
9 months ago
Rating :

We have only amazing things to say about the entire Photo Lab team. They have been nothing but absolutely professional. I loved that they were attentive to our requests and were even able to accommodate for them. They even helped calm down our pre wedding jitters. I truly believe that the images and videos from your wedding day are the only thing that will last you forever. And for that very reason you should never ever compromise on hiring the best. For us the best was an obvious choice!

Dimple Sutaria
Dimple Sutaria
11 months ago
Rating :

We had an amazing experience with The Photo Lab. They shot our engagement earlier in February this year. Harsh and the team were super enthusiastic as well as understanding and co-operative in terms of what we wanted for our special day. Very responsive. Overall they made sure we looked like a dream and did not let us down. Would definitely recommend them <3

Sanjay Chhabria
Sanjay Chhabria
1 year ago
Rating :

A big kudos to Harsh and his team to have covered our wedding beautifully. When we first saw our pictures and the video we were in love with it and had no words on how elegantly and naturally they have captured each and every moment of the wedding. Super fast deliverables and they are very professional and clear in their work and understanding. Loved their editing!!

Would really love to thank The Photo Lab team to have done such a wonderful work in capturing our special day!!

Yesha Goshar
Yesha Goshar
1 year ago
Rating :

Recommended by a wedding planner friend, we got TPL to shoot our engagement. The next day (to everyone’s delight) we received a beautifully selected collection of photos shot by Harsh! What I love about the photos – Harsh captured moments. When I looked at some photos, my reaction was wow, did that really happen!? He slowed down and paused what seemed to be a fleeting moment. What I love about TPL – quick delivery of photos, extremely responsive, made me feel extremely comfortable, very easy to be around. I definitely recommend TPL for not only wedding shoots, but any photographic… Read more »

Sharon Soans
Sharon Soans
1 year ago
Rating :

We had a great time with Harsh, Devansh & Team! They were amazing to work with, Very approachable, committed & creative! They take feedback, understand what the bride & groom really have in mind, and bring out that vibe! They never come in your way at the functions, yet capture every beautiful moment! They deliver super fast! And always beyond expectations! We loved their work especially the candid
photography and cinematic videography! –
Sharon & Bonny

Tanya Barwal
Tanya Barwal
1 year ago
Rating :

We were doing our research for choosing the photographers to capture our wedding day. A close friend suggested The Photo Lab as Harsh was one of the photographers at their wedding, and they were happy with his work. Trusting our friend, we decided to contact Harsh. We were very impressed with his professionalism. The wedding pictures and the short film were beyond our expectations. Harsh, Devansh and Vinit have done a fabulous job! The Photo Lab is a team of young professionals who are experts at what they do. I strongly recommend them.

Shreya Chopra
Shreya Chopra
1 year ago
Rating :

Great photography was one of the top priorities for our wedding & The Photo Lab delivered spectacular memories.
From understanding our vibe to working on the minutest detail, they made sure to get some of the best shots. We loved working with them & they did a great job to capture every moment of our wedding so beautifully! They are easy to work with & extremely professional & I would highly recommend them.

Arnab Bhattacharya
Arnab Bhattacharya
1 year ago
Rating :

Harsh and his team of photographers and videographers at The Photo Lab are extremely talented individuals. Their candid shots are true, unadulterated memories of our wedding and I thank them profusely for capturing the best moments during the event.

The video, underlined by apt music, brings out the excitement and happiness of our families throughout the wedding. I have only received great compliments from everyone who has seen their content.

We are grateful to The Photo Lab for accommodating all our requests and delivering content that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Niomi Shah
Niomi Shah
1 year ago
Rating :

One of the best teams to have worked with. From our parents to distant cousins, everyone was happy and comfortable around this team! Would definitely recommend them to everyone

Twisha Sanghavi
Twisha Sanghavi
1 year ago
Rating :

Would definitely recommend them to everyone who’s looking for a super creative and cool team who can not just get along with you but also your family.
They are thorough professionals and yet so easy to work with.
They captured our journey right from the start (Roka) to the Wedding Day. We are not very camera-friendly people but they made us so comfortable and made the whole experience of getting clicked so easy for us. It was such a delight to see all the pictures in the end!

Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers

Weddings are one of the most important occasions in couples' lives, and are marked by meaningful ceremonies and festivities. And years later, the wedding albums and videos help keep your memories alive. That's why wedding photography plays a major role in creatively capturing all the moments which you can relive later.

We, at WeddingSutra, help you select the best wedding photographers and videographers according to your preferred style and budget. Classified under the category of WeddingSutra Favorites, our list of handpicked photographers and videographers will make sure all your special moments are captured and creatively converted into beautiful memories.


Candid Photography

With no poses or staged shots, candid photography is all about capturing pictures that reflect spontaneity and a 'hidden camera' vibe. Clicked without asking the bride, groom or guests to strike poses or making them conscious, this type of photography captures emotions like laughter, tears, happiness, and surprise in their rawest forms. Candid clicks are relatively new and slightly more expensive, but they have become one of the most popular types of wedding photography in India now.

Traditional Photography

As the name suggests, traditional photography is the oldest and most conventional way of capturing wedding pictures. Requiring the bride and groom to pose for pictures along with their families and guests, traditional photography is more cost-effective than its candid counterpart and tends to be preferred by elders in the family.

Cinematic Videography

The video form of candid photography, cinematic wedding films capture the candid and unposed moments of your wedding as they happen. Focussing primarily on the little details of the wedding that usually go unnoticed, cinematic videos aim to create a 'movie' out of your wedding with scenes shot by high-end devices like professional cameras and drones. A visual treat for viewers, these 15-20 minute cinematic videos come packaged with brilliant sound effects, background music and skillful editing.

Traditional Videography

A video run-down of your wedding, traditional wedding videos are a three to four hour recording of everything that happened at your wedding. With a bland and relatively slow narrative, traditional videography is cheaper as it does not require high-end equipment or very creative editing skills.

Pre-wedding Photography & Videography

Shot against picturesque backdrops, and capturing the love and excitement of a to-be-wed couple, pre-wedding photography and videography are a rage with millennial couples. Depending on the length of the video, shoot locations and quality desired, many photographers provide custom pre-wedding packages to couples with varying prices.


Clueless about how to zoom in on the right wedding photographer for your needs and budget? Here are a few tips on how you can find a professional lensman you can click with.

  • Finalize your budget first. Having clarity on the amount you want to spend on wedding albums, pre-wedding shoots and videos will help you narrow down the options. However, be ready to negotiate to get the best deal available.
  • Research well. Study the different themes and styles of wedding photos you want and make a wish list of your preferences.
  • Once you know your needs and the budget is fixed, look for photographers who fulfil your requirements
  • Shortlist and contact four or five photographers and request quotations from them.
  • Book your selected photographer(s) well in advance to avoid losing out on your favourite options. You can book separate photographers for different shoots. However, if you have good chemistry with one, we recommend you stick to them.
  • Write to us if you have any questions, and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Brief them well about your requirements. Show them references of the 'must-have' pictures for you and what they can avoid.
  • Inform them of various aspects of your wedding celebrations: How many functions are being held, their timings and venues, duration, key people to capture, and so on.
  • Be clear about the final amount you'll be paying, including all the taxes and overhead charges like transportation.
  • Discuss all the deliverables in advance to avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding on the day of the shoot or post-production.
  • Ask your photography team about the props they will be providing or need, and mention if you need anything specifically in relation to a certain theme.
  • Do not forget to mention your pre-wedding shoot and check if they would like to provide you with a cost-effective deal including both your pre-wedding and wedding coverage.


1. How much does wedding photography cost in India?

While the cost of wedding photography in India differs from place to place, the best packages start at INR 20,000 and go up as per your requirements.

2. How should one compare photographers and their work?

You can check the work of various photographers in our WeddingSutra Favorite Photographers and Videographers section. Study the style of each photographer, their way of playing with lights, using colours and capturing emotions, and see whose style suits you the best.

3. Do I need to have a candid photographer? Can a traditional photographer click candid pictures for me?

While there are no fixed rules when it comes to wedding photography, we suggest having a combination of both candid and traditional photographers to shoot your wedding. While a traditional photographer might not be able to fully do justice with candid pictures due to limitations of equipment or creativity, a combination of both will ensure that your events are fully covered in different ways.

4. Where can I find a list of the best photographers in India and abroad?

Specifically handpicked to help you find the best service providers in the country all under one roof, our compilation of WeddingSutra Favorite Photographers and Videographers lists options and solutions for all your wedding photography related queries.

5. Where do I look for the latest trends in wedding photography?

While pre-wedding videos and candid photography are two of the latest trends in the weddings space, the industry keeps evolving every day. You can check the WeddingSutra blog to learn about these dynamic trends.