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Anusha and Preet’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Paris – The City of Lights
Paris inspired Hemingway and Balzac, impressionist artists and love stories but when you walk the cobbles of Saint-Germain or stand...
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Jigyasa and Durgesh’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Because there’s nothing more romantic than being able to say, “We’ll always have Paris”, and mean it. Durgesh knew that...
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Pooja and Harsh’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot against Paris’ Most Renowned Icons
Paris is the realm of the senses – cuisine, couture, culture – everything about its streets, its people, its places...
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Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in the ‘City of Lights’ – Paris
Paris - a magical destination where lovers stroll hand-in-hand along the River Seine or linger in sidewalk cafes speaking French,...
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Wedding Proposals - Oct 17, 2017
Denver’s Tremendously Romantic Proposal to Kimberly in Paris – The City of Love!
Indulge us a little – imagine the most romantic proposal you can. Now imagine the romance intensified by at least...
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Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris and Versailles
Paris is the undisputed capital of romance and it’s no surprise that starry-eyed lovers make a pilgrimage to the city...
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Amrutha and Shayan’s Post-Wedding Photoshoot against Charming Parisian Backdrops
Paris crackles with an electricity – history, modernity, a fine aesthetic – all come together creating a chemistry you can...
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Anika and Gurjit’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in the City of Love – Paris
Even after travelling the globe, this couple still decided to wear their hearts on their sleeves in Paris for a...
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Rima and Tushar’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Enchanting Paris
Asking the woman you love to marry you in the romance capital of the world is the surest way to...
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