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Anusha and Preet’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Paris – The City of Lights
Paris inspired Hemingway and Balzac, impressionist artists and love stories but when you walk the cobbles of Saint-Germain or stand...
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Wedding Proposals - May 17, 2018
Somil’s Dreamy Wedding Proposal in Paris – The City of Love
A proposal in Paris is romantic enough but Somil managed to make it even more special for Mira with a...
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Top Photographers pick the Ten Trendiest Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot Locations Overseas
As the demand for stunning pre-wedding photoshoots goes up, what started out as standard ‘engagement’ portraits has evolved into shoots...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Jan 11, 2018
10 Must Do's While on a Winter Honeymoon in Paris
The City of Lights gets even more magical with a sprinkling of frost! Plan a winter getaway to Paris for...
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Anjali and Kyle’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Goa
Lazily sprawled on the west coast of India, Goa, the sunshine state, is famous for its wide sweeping bays, rocky...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Dec 20, 2017
10 Ways In Which The Holiday Season in Paris Will Enthrall You
Say ‘oui’ to epic fireworks, beautiful cultural traditions and dancing till dawn in The City of Lights – Paris! As...
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Destination Weddings - Nov 23, 2017
Fairy Tale Weddings at Disneyland Paris
Disney talks straight to your inner child. The very word conjures up wonder and innocence, adventure and magic – whether...
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Jigyasa and Durgesh’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Because there’s nothing more romantic than being able to say, “We’ll always have Paris”, and mean it. Durgesh knew that...
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Pooja and Harsh’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot against Paris’ Most Renowned Icons
Paris is the realm of the senses – cuisine, couture, culture – everything about its streets, its people, its places...
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Spectacular Locations that offer Beautiful Backdrops for your Pre-Wedding Shoot
Take our pick of pre-wedding photo shoot destinations around the world that are bound to inspire and refresh any couple....
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Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in the ‘City of Lights’ – Paris
Paris - a magical destination where lovers stroll hand-in-hand along the River Seine or linger in sidewalk cafes speaking French,...
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Wedding Proposals - Oct 17, 2017
Denver’s Tremendously Romantic Proposal to Kimberly in Paris – The City of Love!
Indulge us a little – imagine the most romantic proposal you can. Now imagine the romance intensified by at least...
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