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Happy Flashbacks

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Delhi NCR

About Happy Flashbacks

5.0 Rating

Founded by a filmmaker and a journalist, Anish and Noopur, Happy Flashbacks is a creative collaboration between two professional documenters who created a wedding photography services studio. Since its inception in 2014, the company’s prime focus has been to be fulfill their desire to tell stories through wedding photography. Their expertise lies in capturing candid moments to be cherished as memories for a lifetime.
The duo also specializes in behind the scenes photography, wedding photography, concept photography, videography and cinematography services that encapsulate the rhythm and emotions of the wedding process.


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Reviews for Happy Flashbacks

  • Ankita Goyal
    Ankita Goyal
    Reviewed on: 02-Apr-2019

    When you meet some people, they instantly become an integral part of your life; we can proudly say the same about our Anmol Ratan- Noopur & Anish. The beautiful mad crazy fun adorable souls that they are, shot our wedding recently & not for a moment did we feel the pressure of photographers around. They shoot in such a natural setting, in such a fun way that the entire ?getting photographed pressure? is nowhere. It?s like chilling with friends and on the side getting clicked too. We still remember the first time we met them for our pre-wedding, we knew these guys were magicians. When the pre-wedding played on our ring ceremony, it felt like we were watching a movie on the big screen. That?s the kind of impact their concept & movie had. It enthralled everyone present there & our friends n family were completely spellbound. Praises for the team have still not stopped & Anjum n me have been mesmerised ever since. The finesse with which they capture the true essence of a couple & showcase their chemistry is commendable. Noopur n Anish, you guys are amazing to the level infinity; in terms of everything. You weave magic with your cameras. We are so glad you shot our wedding & in the process became a part of our family. And now, we can?t wait to see our wedding pictures & film. We are confident it?ll be straight out of a fairytale, sprinkled with magical Happy Flashbacks dust. Lastly, we want to thank the entire team of Happy Flashbacks for being superrrrr amazing. We love you guys. Good luck guys for all your future endeavours, we hope many more couples n families get to experience the magic of Happy Flashbacks.

  • Vaibhav Sehgal
    Vaibhav Sehgal
    Reviewed on: 30-Mar-2019

    Dear Noopur and Anish,
    I have taken long to write this for you guys may be because i had to go through my happy flashbacks and think where to start from.
    I don't think anyone apart from you guys can do justice in creating memories the way you did. Every time I think of my wedding, I inevitably think of the amazing photo shoots and the video bytes which were awesome fun (you brought the actor in me!!). My wedding would not have been half as much fun had it not been for you guys. Me and Tushi remember our wedding because of you both and your whole team who stood with us for everything.
    You all are one of the most creative team i have ever met. The ideas and the concepts are superbly innovative and i'm sure the way yours' brain function, you will keep innovating beautifully.
    Me and Tushi feel like getting married again just so that you guys can create some more amazing memories!!
    Both of us have found amazing friends in you and I'm sure this friendship is for a lifetime.
    I don't need to say much because your work speaks for itself. The only thing i want to say is that KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK AND GOOD LUCK..!
    Vani Sehgal (Vaibhav's Sister): I was so excited for my brother Vaibhav Sehgal wedding. We wanted it to be the best and memorable and you guys did your job more than what we expected. From your creative photo shoots to that cute video that truly captured their love and those candid shots.
    Work done by you just made this wedding experience all the more better and special for them as well as fr our families. We loved your work and the effort put in by you guys. All the best and I hope you people get many more chances to make many other people happy by your excellent work :)
    Thanks a lot Noopur & Anish:)

  • Sidisha Singh
    Sidisha Singh
    Reviewed on: 30-Mar-2019

    Hey Noopur and Anish(And the entire happy flashbacks team) I am so grateful that I found happy flashbacks We are so very impressed with the work and creativity and your ability to capture some of the most precious moments of our wedding. Noopur and Anish your work is impeccable and simply amazing!!! You guys have left us with a fairytale video of our wedding. I love my pictures ? I can?t stop looking at them.Thank you for paying so much attention to all of those little things that are so important and meaningful to us!!! You truly caught the emotions of that day and I am so excited about that. We feel so connected with you guys and the bond we share now I'll cherish it forever. I love you from the bottom of my heart and we are so lucky to have found you guys. I wish you all the best for your future and I am sure you'll always bring this magical smile to everyone's face you work with. Lots of love

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